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Anti-Muslim hate is a growing industry

We need to get a handle on anti-Muslim hate before it is beyond our control, writes Iman Atta

76. Resist

Henna is first joined by Steph to discuss Friday’s events in New Zealand, and the broader explosion of far-right extremism around the world. Then Alison drops by to discuss where we’re at with Brexit (spoiler alert –...

Extra: MV2 be or not 2 be

Henna and Stephanie discuss this week’s meaningful vote (MV2), the similarity between politics and rapidly becoming reminiscent of the Saw franchise, and why Thomas Erskine May might save us yet. PLUS Stefan...

EXTRA: Women of the world unite

This International Womens’ Day join Henna as she interviews Alison about her journey to becoming an MP, the untold history of women in Parliament, and how graphic nudity is a significant canvassing risk. PLUS we discuss...

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