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Anti-Muslim hate is a growing industry

We need to get a handle on anti-Muslim hate before it is beyond our control, writes Iman Atta

Extra: MV2 be or not 2 be

Henna and Stephanie discuss this week’s meaningful vote (MV2), the similarity between politics and rapidly becoming reminiscent of the Saw franchise, and why Thomas Erskine May might save us yet. PLUS Stefan...

74. Money money money

Henna, Stephanie and Alison discuss whether we’re seeing pork barrel politics for the first time since David Cameron’s Oxford days, and Stefan investigates the rise of Spain’s far-right.

EXTRA: One small step

It’s been another long week in politics. Henna Shah and Stephanie Lloyd discuss how Labour has finally adopted conference policy and suspended MP Chris Williamson pending an investigation into his behaviour. Is it too...

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