Fight club

Robert Philpot  |  18 December 2002

US Democrats are squaring up for a fight following their defeat in the mid-term elections – with one another, writes Robert Philpot

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My Major moments 2002

  |  18 December 2002

Progress asks leading Labour figures to nominate their favourite political events of 2002

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Whingers on the fringes

James Corbett  |  18 December 2002

James Corbett finds the Green Party full of empty promises while, below, he hears about their record in local government

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Give war a chance

Johann Hari  |  18 December 2002

After a visit to Iraq, Johann Hari changed his mind on toppling Saddam

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A greener world

Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP  |  18 December 2002

Michael Meacher reports on the World Summit on Sustainable Development

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Change for the better

Peter Mandelson  |  18 December 2002

In the future Labour’s success will depend on its ability to adapt to the times, argues Peter Mandelson

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Apathy in the UK

John Curtice  |  18 December 2002

Will turnout continue to fall over the next decade? Only if political parties continue to look the same, says John Curtice

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Yellow fever

Paul Whiteley  |  18 December 2002

Paul Whiteley asks whether the Liberal Democrats really could overtake the Tories

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To boldly grow

Matthew Taylor and Matt Cain  |  18 December 2002

Matthew Taylor and Matt Cain suggest how parties can live long and prosper by 2013

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Choice of a new generation

Greg Cook  |  18 December 2002

The electorate of the future will be more engaged – but less predictable in how it votes, says Greg Cook

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