January, 2002

Is our democracy in crisis

John Curtice  |  21 January 2002

With voters staying away from the polls, John Curtice examines the fading confidence in British democracy

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Party needs young blood to survive

Tony Robinson  |  21 January 2002

Labour needs to re-engage young people’s interest in politics, says Tony Robinson

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At the heart of the European left

Denis MacShane MP  |  21 January 2002

Labour is being taken seriously by its European sister parties. Denis MacShane MP explains why

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Time to break up the party cartel

Matthew Taylor  |  21 January 2002

Political parties are the cause of political disengagement, not the solution to it, says Matthew Taylor

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Can Labour bear to let go?

Pam Giddy  |  21 January 2002

Whether the party realises it or not, Labour has only just begun to reform the constitution, argues Pam Giddy

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‘Let the people decide’ on fair votes

Nina Temple  |  21 January 2002

t’s in Labour’s interest - as well as that of democracy - for the party to embrace electoral reform, says Nina Temple

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Co-operation not confrontation

Calum MacDonald  |  21 January 2002

Electoral logic and shared values mean Labour and the Liberal Democrats must continue to work together, says Calum MacDonald MP

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Which way now for the ‘new Scotland’?

Eric Joyce MP  |  21 January 2002

Devolution is revitalising democracy in Scotland, but its drawbacks need to be watched, argues Eric Joyce MP

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Local government takes the initiative

Alan Whitehead  |  21 January 2002

Local government has never felt more powerless. Alan Whitehead MP offers a way out of its current malaise

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Minorities and majorities

Simon Woolley  |  21 January 2002

Labour has to stop taking the ethnic minority vote for granted, believes Simon Woolley

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