February, 2002


  |  12 February 2002

Progress prints your views on current party and policy issues

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New Labour lives on

Peter Mandelson  |  12 February 2002

Peter Mandelson still believes in New Labour. He explains why

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Onward march of the Toryban

Johann Hari  |  12 February 2002

John Major described them as the Tories’ ‘Broadmoor Wing’. Now they’re running the party, reports Johann Hari

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Colour blind

Jules Mason  |  12 February 2002

Labour must turn black and ethnic minority voters into members, argues Jules Mason

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Turning out the vote

Gareth Thomas MP  |  12 February 2002

Compulsory voting is the only sure way to raise turnout, argues Gareth Thomas

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Home thoughts

David Wright  |  12 February 2002

Housing policy needs to rise up the political agenda, argues David Wright

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Tax talk

Michael Jacobs  |  12 February 2002

Is an earmarked health tax the way to save the NHS, asks Michael Jacobs

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If I were… secretary of state for trade and industry

Ken Jackson  |  12 February 2002

Sir Ken Jackson outlines how he would tackle the manufacturing crisis

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Progress talks to . . . Alistair Darling

Interviewed by Hannah Pawlby  |  11 February 2002

Work is a key element of the government’s anti-poverty drive. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions tells Hannah Pawlby why

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A healthy start

Yvette Cooper MP  |  11 February 2002

We must tackle health inequalities if we are to eradicate child poverty, says Yvette Cooper

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