June, 2002

The last post?

Bill Hayes  |  10 June 2002

Neoliberal dogma threatens the future of the Post Office, argues Billy Hayes

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Progress news

  |  10 June 2002

Public services focus for Progress conference Progress is to hold a major one-day conference on the future of Britain’s public services on 6 July. The conference will feature speakers from all sides of the debate and all sections of the Labour and trade union movement, including government ministers, MPs, trade unionists and practitioners. With investment …

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Far right and wrong

Dr David Baker  |  6 June 2002

David Baker examines who votes for the BNP and why

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Modernise or die

After their humiliating defeat in the French presidential election, the French Socialists face some tough choices, argue Frédéric Michel and Matthew Browne

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Office politics

Joe Goldberg  |  6 June 2002

With Labour moving offices, Joe Goldberg examines the legacy of Millbank

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Fighting to the end

Baroness Jay of Paddington  |  6 June 2002

Margaret Jay pays tribute to Barbara Castle’s constant passion and tenacity

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The price of democracy?

Clive Soley  |  6 June 2002

We can persuade the public to back state funding, argues Clive Soley

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The price of democracy?

Ken Jackson  |  6 June 2002

State funding would be unpopular and unworkable, says Sir Ken Jackson

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Broadcast news

Andy Burnham MP  |  6 June 2002

Is better political coverage on TV the key to revitalising democracy, asks Andy Burnham

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The new monarchists

Tom Bentley and James Wilsden  |  6 June 2002

The Queen should stand aside to allow Prince Charles to modernise the monarchy, say Tom Bentley and James Wilsdon

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