September, 2002

Think again

Robert Philpot  |  2 September 2002

Those unions which have cut funds to Labour should recognise the potential damage of their actions

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Hidden agenda

Tom Watson MP  |  2 September 2002

State funding is a cover for breaking the union link, reveals Tom Watson

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Use the link

Maggie Jones  |  2 September 2002

Unions benefit from the link, too, argues Maggie Jones

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New partners in power

Rozanne Foyer  |  2 September 2002

Rozanne Foyer assesses the impact of devolution on Scotland’s trade unions

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He’s been right all along

Patrick Loughran  |  2 September 2002

IDS a caring, inclusive moderate? Don’t be fooled, warns Patrick Loughran

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Courting success

Johann Hari  |  2 September 2002

Co-operation between Labour and the Lib Dems appears to be over. We need to heal the rift – for the sake of both parties, argues Johann Hari

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Headless you lose

Steve Reed MP  |  2 September 2002

Steve Reed finds that when the Tories and Lib Dems are in charge, the tail begins to wag the dog

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The wages of spin

Matt Cain  |  2 September 2002

Matt Cain argues that state funding for political parties would be accepted by voters and could provide more than just money

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Uneasy money

Matt Cain  |  2 September 2002

As the debate about state funding of political parties develops, it is tempting to look for a model from elsewhere which could be implemented here in full. The truth is that there is no single system of state funding in existence that would be ideal for the UK. The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral …

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Parent power

Jessica Asato  |  2 September 2002

After the latest boost to education spending, what do schools need to do now? Jessica Asato and Matthew Horne provide some answers

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