October, 2002

Get real

Siôn Simon  |  31 October 2002

It’s time to talk about the civil liberties of the victims of crime, argues Siôn Simon

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  |  31 October 2002

Progress prints your views on current party and policy issues

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Firm foundations

David Blunkett MP  |  31 October 2002

Dealing successfully with crime and immigration underpins Labour’s ability to pursue a progressive agenda, says David Blunkett

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Snooper troopers

John Wadham  |  31 October 2002

Only a privacy act can protect us from unnecessary bureaucratic intrusion, argues John Wadham

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Cut out the porridge

Alf Dubs  |  31 October 2002

Prison should not be the only answer for young offenders. Alf Dubs considers some alternatives

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Together and equal

Waheed Alli  |  31 October 2002

We have to create legislation and enforcement that reflect equality in 21st century Britain, says Waheed Alli

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Bills and pills

Bridget Prentice  |  31 October 2002

The testimony of victims of hard drugs changed Bridget Prentice’s attitude to drugs policy

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Silence of the damned

Patrick Loughran  |  31 October 2002

For all their criticism of their party, Tory modernisers have failed to come up with new policies, says Patrick Loughran

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Let’s Gore round again

Gordon Corere  |  31 October 2002

Democrats are already thinking about who should take on George W Bush in the 2004 election. Gordon Corera sizes up the candidates

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Two cheers for social democracy

Frédéric Michel & Matthew Browne  |  31 October 2002

Frédéric Michel and Matthew Browne find that lessons from centre-left electoral successes in Sweden and Germany have yet to be learnt elsewhere

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