August, 2003

Beyond Spin

  |  29 August 2003

The case for progressive government must be made more strongly

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Grass routes

Martin Linton  |  29 August 2003

Do policy forums really give members a say? Martin Linton went to one to find out

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Super services

Parmjit Dhanda  |  29 August 2003

What’s wrong with your local superstore providing some local public services, asks Parmjit Dhanda

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London calling

Seema Malhotra MP  |  29 August 2003

The London assembly must engage more with its voters if it is to solve the capital’s problems, warns Seema Malhotra

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Privatisers on parade

Theo Bertram  |  29 August 2003

Iain Duncan Smith and Oliver Letwin want to take radical Conservatism even further than Margaret Thatcher, reports Theo Bertram

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Our man in Israel

Johann Hari  |  29 August 2003

Johann Hari reveals that, when it comes to the Middle East road map, Tony Blair’s in the driving seat

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Still time for change

Anwari Din  |  29 August 2003

Scotland still needs positive action, believes Anwari Din

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Minority report

Shahid Malik  |  29 August 2003

Shahid Malik looks at how representation of ethnic minorities can be improved

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Taking liberties

Stephen Beer  |  29 August 2003

Labour can do more to protect our freedom, says Stephen Beer

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Silent majority

Greg Cook  |  29 August 2003

Closing the progressive deficit means winning a third term. Greg Cook examines the lessons of the Tories’ third victory in 1987

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