October, 2003

A rollercoaster of change

Gideon Ben-Tovim  |  30 October 2003

Gideon Ben-Tovim talks about life on an new NHS Primary Care board

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Just what we needed

Bob Farrow  |  30 October 2003

Bob Farrow share his experience of the New Deal for Communities in Hartlepool

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Reinventing activism

Hazel Blears  |  30 October 2003

The Labour party must adapt to the new ways people do politics, says Hazel Blears.

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Beating them on the ground

Pete Bowyer  |  30 October 2003

Pete Bowyer gives tops on how to fight back

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Lessons in hope

Isaac Herzog  |  30 October 2003

Isaac Herzog reports on his visit to the UK on behalf of the Israel Labor party

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Beware of the underdog

Tom Watson MP  |  30 October 2003

Tom Watson assesses the danger to Labour

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Phantom menace

Will Higham  |  30 October 2003

The Lib Dems: threatening or threadbare? Will Higham tries to get a grip on their policies

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The man who saved Labour

Peter Mandelson  |  30 October 2003

Peter Mandelson salutes the legacy of Neil Kinnoc

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Clarke’s marks

Jennifer Gerber  |  30 October 2003

One year in, the education secretary talks to Will Higham and Jennifer Gerber

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Equality matters

  |  30 October 2003

Progress asked some prominent campaigners what Labour can do in its next manifesto to bring about greater equality

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