December, 2003

Listen up

Opinion  |  18 December 2003

The Big Conversation deserves to succeed

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Regional Government

John Tomaney  |  18 December 2003

Why should proposals for elected regional assemblies interest those on the progressive left? The objectives of progressive politics are the pursuit of social justice, equity, pluralism and a vibrant democracy. These remain eternal goals for the left, but the means by which they will be achieved will change over time. Regional devolution is a modern …

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Compulsory voting

Huw Irranca-Davies MP  |  18 December 2003

Taking part in elections is not simply a right. It is a duty, and a duty that no citizen should be excused from exercising. So spoil your ballot paper or write ‘none of the above’, because at least that shows an active engagement and a willingness to participate, and it sends a clear message. Simply …

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New localism

Ian Parker  |  18 December 2003

A spectre is haunting Whitehall – the spectre of new localism. But rather than form an alliance to exorcise it, the forces of old Whitehall appear instead to have rallied to its cause. Something truly odd is afoot in SW1. As with other ‘-isms’ that have gone before, new localism runs a real risk of …

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The constitution

Alexandra Runswick  |  18 December 2003

Charter 88 makes the case for a written constitution

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Tanked up

Paul Richards  |  18 December 2003

A friend in need

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Beware of the rabbit

Tony Robinson  |  18 December 2003

The Big Conversation has alot to prove, says Tony Robinson

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Ask the Minister – Children first

  |  18 December 2003

Children's minister Margaret Hodge answers Progress' questions

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Stakes and ladders

Jennifer Gerber  |  18 December 2003

Alan Milburn, Progress' new honorary president, talks to Jennifer Gerber about how Labour can give people the opportunities to fulfil their aspirations

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Don’t get angry, get even

Will Higham  |  18 December 2003

Will Higham watches a debate with the Democrats Abroad in London

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