July, 2004

Paying for localism

Matthew Burchell  |  5 July 2004

Council Tax has become a major political headache for the Government, writes Matthew Burchell. But would a local incomes tax actually hurt poorer areas?

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Sleaze Patrol

Sarah Montgomery  |  5 July 2004

Sarah Montgomery reviews Conduct Unbecoming - a history of sleaze

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War on error

Katie Moore  |  5 July 2004

Katie Moore reviews Al Franken's shock jock attack, Lying Liars and the Lies Who Tell Them.

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Welcome to May’s Progress Report

  |  5 July 2004

This month we discuss policies for community spaces that people actually like using, and how to tackle the obesity epdemic in the  long term. Matt Burchell continues to limber us all up for the next election by taking a close look at the emerging Tory and Lib Dem policies – this month, their local government agendas. …

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Let them eat carrots

Fraser Campbell  |  5 July 2004

Healthy living must compete with junk food on its own terms, argues Fraser Campbell

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Editorial: The EU Convention

Editorial  |  5 July 2004

It is time to look ahead to a referendum on the European Constitution. The first and most obvious place to look is at the draft constitution itself. It is not a quick read. The introduction alone, placed on a scale, would comfortably outweigh the ten commandments, the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights and the …

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Less of Moore

Simon Alcock  |  5 July 2004

Simon Alcock Reviews Dude Where's My Country

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Devolving without devaluing

Matthew Burchell  |  5 July 2004

Decentralisation has become a buzzword for politicians of all parties, writes Matthew Burchell. But their approaches differ wildly. At stake is the quality of public services for ordinary people - and for the most vulnerable in society.

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Coming together

Oliver Pauley  |  5 July 2004

Oliver Pauley argues for new Civic Centres: an idea whose time has come round again

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Labour and business: a 21st century relationship.

Sam Hardy  |  5 July 2004

Sam Hardy argues that Labour's link with the City remains important and remains strong

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