February, 2005

A taxing role

Steve Van Riel  |  28 February 2005

Steve Van Riel thinks inheritance tax is more Robin Hood than Sheriff of Nottingham

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Fear and hoping in Tel Aviv

Jennifer Gerber  |  28 February 2005

Jennifer Gerber gives her personal view of a week in Israel

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Ruth Kelly to address Progress seminar

  |  28 February 2005

Ruth Kelly is among the high profile speakers who will address the Progress seminar ‘social mobility – are some still more equal than others?’, which is taking place on Wednesday 16 March from 18.00 to 19.30 in Committee Room 8 of the House of Commons. Mike Dixon from the IPPR, Professor Stephen Machin from the …

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Its not you its SME

Philip Ross  |  25 February 2005

Philip Ross says Labour must not lose sight of the electoral importance of small and medium sized businesses

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An age-old problem

Neil Churchill & Michelle Mitchell  |  25 February 2005

Neil Churchill and Michelle Mitchell suggest a way forward on pension reform

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Taking abuse for fox sake!

Jonathan Cox  |  25 February 2005

Jonathan Cox, parliamentary researcher to Alun Michael MP explains that its not just foxes those country folk like to chase

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Hold your peace

Jason Miks  |  25 February 2005

Reform of the UN Security Council is on the cards says Jason Miks, and giving India a permanent seat would be a good start

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Bracketing Blunkett

Simon Alcock  |  25 February 2005

Simon Alcock thinks there's more to David Blunkett than meets the eye after reading Stephen Pollard's biography David Blunkett by Stephen Pollard (Hodder & Stoughton)

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Losing my religion

Mark Day  |  25 February 2005

Mark Day believes faith groups should take a look at themselves before they start talking about protection from criticism

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Stealing the devil’s tunes

Mark Glover and Jamie O'Hara  |  25 February 2005

Labour needs to follow the organisation and professionalism of the Republican campaign, if not the politics, says Mark Glover and Jamie O'Hara

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