August, 2005

Don’t be a party pooper

David Walker  |  25 August 2005

Despite its problems, the political party is the best vehicle for translating ideals into government, argues David Walker

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Their own worst enemy

  |  25 August 2005

The liberal left's knee-jerk anti-Americanism is pushing it into the arms of those who oppose its cherished values of freedom and democracy

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Party on

Robert Philpot & Mark Day  |  25 August 2005

The Make Poverty History campaign provides both lessons and opportunities for Labour, Gordon Brown tells Robert Philpot and Mark Day

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Interesting times

David Lammy MP  |  25 August 2005

David Lammy looks back on his three years as chair of Progress

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Lessons for Labour

Patrick Diamond  |  25 August 2005

The party should educate as well as organise, suggests Patrick Diamond

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Reviving progressive politics

Progress  |  25 August 2005

News of Progress' reviving progressive politics campaign

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Israel is not the problem

Dan Fox & Toby Greene  |  25 August 2005

The 'Israel-is-the problem' approach prevents serious analysis of the complex problems that the Middle East faces, say Dan Fox and Toby Greene

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Westminter Watch

Ben Leapman  |  25 August 2005

Ben Leapman surveys the Westminster scene

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Going back to our roots

Stephen Twigg MP  |  25 August 2005

Party renewal neds to begin primarily at the local level, argues Stephen Twigg

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Motion sickness

Jennifer Gerber  |  25 August 2005

Jennifer Gerber on the unique culture of Labour party meetings

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