October, 2005

A civil act

Rt Hon Chris Smith  |  28 October 2005

While civil partnership represents a milestone for gay rights, Britain is still a long way from full equality, believes Chris Smith

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French fancies

Sarah Schaefer  |  28 October 2005

The socialists in France need to regain their hunger for power if they are to get back in government, argues Sarah Schaefer

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Irish ayes

Kitty Ussher  |  28 October 2005

Kitty Ussher MP

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Shaloming it

Mark Day  |  28 October 2005

New opportunities for peace and the Israeli Labour party are opening up. One of its rising stars, Guy Spigelman, tells Mark Day why

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Tanked up

Mark Day  |  28 October 2005

Season’s meetings

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The right to rule

  |  28 October 2005

Electoral reform is the only way to ensure New Labour’s achievements outlast its time in office

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Spin dry

Tim Allan  |  28 October 2005

Direct communications between government and citizen is the way forward, says Tim Allan

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Westminster Watch

Ben Leapman  |  28 October 2005

Terror tantrum

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Conference call

Anne Snelgrove  |  28 October 2005

Anne Snelgrove believes that Labour's renewal in power must begin with the renewal of party conference

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Spinning around

Lance Price  |  28 October 2005

Writing a first novel costs more sleep – but fewer friends – than publishing a diary, discovers former Labour spin doctor Lance Price

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