September, 2006

Get personal

Sally Keeble  |  29 September 2006

Labour needs to find new ways of engaging with a less deferential and more individual-minded public

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Take his advice

Progress  |  29 September 2006

Tony Blair's address to Labour conference offers valuable lessons for the months and years ahead

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Debating points

Alan Milburn  |  27 September 2006

Progress' honorary president responds to your comments on his agenda for New Labour

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Thoughts for the future

James Purnell  |  23 September 2006

Empowerment should be the guiding principle for New Labour in the next decade

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Learning to let go

Jim Knight  |  23 September 2006

Labour can be proud of its achievements in education. Now schools should be allowed to enjoy the freedoms they have earned

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A health constitutional

Andy Burnham MP  |  23 September 2006

An NHS constitution could help unite the coalition of support for the health service

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Root causes

Pat McFadden MP  |  23 September 2006

Early intervention is the key to tackling social exclusion

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People power

Jim Murphy MP  |  23 September 2006

A modern welfare system should seek to devolve power and influence to the citizen

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All talk no trousers

Amanda Wolthuizen  |  21 September 2006

Despite some eye-catching initiatives, the Tories and Lib Dems have yet to prove they are serious about women's representation

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Home is where the heart is

Patrick Diamond  |  21 September 2006

ConservativeHome's search for '100 policy ideas' shows where the Tories' real political instincts lie

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