October, 2006

Midterm blues

Robert Philpot  |  30 October 2006

Democratic hopes of a 1994-style landslide may not come off

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Partnership pays

Sue Stirling  |  27 October 2006

Ruth Kelly's white paper suggests the government is becoming less prescriptive

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Back to our roots

Fiona Mactaggart MP  |  27 October 2006

Political parties need to reconnect with their members to survive

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Broad church

Mike Ion  |  26 October 2006

Progressives need to find ways of reconciling religious belief and democracy

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Cut it out

Simon Burgess  |  23 October 2006

Labour needs to respond aggressively to the Tories' NHS cuts campaign - or risk losing the public's confidence

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Generation next

Caroline Flint MP  |  20 October 2006

Winning the support of young people should be at the heart of Labour’s programme of renewal

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Beyond the veil

Rupa Huq  |  19 October 2006

By alienating mainstream Muslim opinion, the government's proposal to tackle radicalisation could prove counterproductive

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Daring to care

Hilton Dawson  |  17 October 2006

The government's proposals on children in care are well-intentioned. But real change will require a transformation in attitudes towards looked after kids

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Clutching at Straws

Sunder Katwala  |  16 October 2006

Expressing opinions about Muslim fashion is easy. First we need to ask what defines our shared sense of citizenship

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Enough respect

Louisa Thomson  |  13 October 2006

ASBOs are criminalising a generation of young people. They need ways of getting respect as well

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