March, 2007

Revision notes

Mark Day  |  30 March 2007

Mark Day enjoys an assessment of the similarities between New Labour and Old

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Be a sport, Gordon

Nick Laitner and Tim Payton  |  28 March 2007

A Brown government should put sport at the heart of its policymaking

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The Generation Gap

Jo Coles  |  28 March 2007

Labour's next leader must be just as concerned about young people's inequality as child poverty.

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Listen and earn

Margaret Lochrie  |  27 March 2007

Listening to the voices of the poor is key to tackling social exclusion

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Tough love

Ben Leapman  |  26 March 2007

Gordon Brown needs to tread on some liberal toes

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Mark Day  |  26 March 2007

Mark Day reports from wonk world

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‘It’s a two-way street’

Jessica Asato and Jennifer Gerber  |  26 March 2007

Labour members and the government need to listen to each other

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Back to our roots

Jennifer Gerber and Mark Day  |  26 March 2007

Labour should worry less about its key marginals and more about rebuilding its 1997 coalition, Jon Cruddas tells Jennifer Gerber and Mark Day

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Now for the bad news

David Pinto-Duschinsky  |  26 March 2007

The Middle East needs democracy now more than ever

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A little local difficulty

Matthew Goodwin  |  26 March 2007

Despite the very real threat the BNP represent, we shoud not exaggarate their importance

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