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Countdown to the general election – Progress annual conference 2007

Ed Balls’ speech

James Purnell’s speech

Stephen Alambritis and Polly Toynbee: Should business promote social justice?

Rushanara Ali: Housing is likely to continue to be a flashpoint for Labour’s traditional communities

Catherine Fieschi: Engagement with political Islam is not a question of if, but of how

While not the most important issue among voters, the green agenda must be addressed by Labour

Rupa Huq: Spin is as old as the hills in politics, but Labour must use collective responsibility to keep the feral beasts at bay

Ben Page: Regaining the trust of staff is key to winning back confidence in Labour’s public services

Progressive Internationalism

Mia Marzouk: The EU should respond as well as listen to Kosovans

Constance Motte: Turbulence may lie ahead for Nicolas Sarkozy

Mark Day: How Europe’s social democrats can regain the initiative

Glenys Kinnock: Burma’s democracy activists urgently need our support

Victoria Pearse: Divestment must complement the troops for Darfur

Leni Wild: There are upsides to Chinese influence in Africa

Dharmender Singh: The international community must heed the wishes of normal Afghans

Mark Rusling: The UN is an essential component of Brown’s foreign policy

Simon Chorley: People trafficking is one of the world’s greatest blights

Matthew Carter: Kevin Rudd will lead Labor back to power if he is bold

Katinka Barysch: Recent elections were good for Turkey but it must now roll up its sleeves

Sam Hardy: A diverse Latin American left is finding steady success

Kathryn Llewellyn: The left must not stand by in silence while the people of Zimbabwe suffer

Gary Kent: We should all be reaching out to Iraqi trade unionists and democrats

Alex Bigham: Iranian conservatives are cracking down despite the president’s troubles

Luciana Berger: Ehud Barak’s return as leader bodes well for both Labor and Israel

Tony Klug: we risk squandering the latest opportunity for Middle East peace

Latest Pamphlet: Beyond the first 100 days – Building towards a fourth Labour term

Previous pamphlets

Gordon Brown: Extending and renewing party democracy – The case for change

Power to the People

Mind the Gap

Labour’s renewal

Jessica Studdert: The Labour party risks becoming irrelevant unless it widens its membership appeal

Gordon Brown: United and focused on the challenges of the future, Labour can win the next general election

Mike Ion: Labour must rebuild and renew if it is to avoid its own ‘progressive deficit’

Patrick Diamond: After 10 years in power, Labour must look abroad for ideas to renew

Ed Miliband: To meet the challenges of the next decade, Labour needs to forge an ethos of equality, community and empowerment

Alan Johnson: Labour must identify clear dividing lines with the Tories if it is to secure a fourth term

Peter Hain: If Labour is to secure a fourth term, it must reconnect with the party’s grassroots and the wider country

Simon Burgess: Labour must retain the votes it first won in 1997 if it is to win a fourth term

Ed Balls: Building a fairer society should be a key priority for a renewed Labour government

Progress: In this crucial period for Labour, it is vital that the voices of grassroots party members are heard

Stephen Burke: The biggest challenge off a Brown premiership will be regaining the trust of the British people

Geoff Dench: Labour’s addiction to meritocracy is alienating its traditional working-class supporters

David Coats: Compass’ new pamphlet offers little guidance for Labour’s renewal

Mike Ion: real, lasting change requires a fourth Labour term

Progress: Labour would be close to insane not to take Blair’s advice

Alan Milburn: a new agenda for New Labour

Sally Keeble: Labour needs to find new ways of engaging with the public

Peter Hain: we must rebuild the progressive coalition

Greg Rosen: what can Labour learn from the progressive government of the past?

Gareth Thomas: Labour should embrace primary elections

Cameron’s Conservatives

Chris Leslie: Labour should exploit Cameron’s timidity on local taxation

Stephen Beer:
Cameron may struggle to make capital from Northern Rock

Kate Bell: Tory proposals to reward marriage ignore the evidence that there are more effective ways to tackle poverty

David Coats: John Redwood’s report on economic competitiveness misdiagnoses the problem and offers a damaging prescription

Peter Bradley: The Tories really could spend their way to victory

Chris Leslie: Cameron isn’t brave enough to generate a Clause IV moment for his party

Ian Austin: David Cameron’s rebranding of the Tories lacks substance

Lewis Baston: Cameron isn’t as popular as he would like

Denis MacShane: Labour should expose Cameron’s Europhobia

Deborah Mattinson: does the future belong to Cameron?

Hazel Blears: It’s nothing personal

Kitty Ussher: Compassionate Conservative doesn’t add up

Roger Mortimore: the Tories are now the default alternative to Labour

Alex Bellardinelli: does Cameron really care?

Tristram Hunt: Can Cameron learn the lessons of the Tories’ past?


Roy Hattersley

Ed Balls

Gordon Brown

Neil Kinnock

Hilary Benn

Gordon Brown

Jack McConnell

Beverley Hughes

Douglas Alexander

Ruth Kelly

Hazel Blears

Tony Blair

Billy Bragg

Charles Clarke

Tony Robinson

Polly Toynbee


Coalition: The Politics and Personalities of Coalition Government from 1850 by Mark Oaten

Will Israel survive? by Mitchell Bard

Serving the People: The Co-operative Party History from Sam Perry to Gordon Brown by Greg Rosen

The Political Brain by Drew Westen

The End of Decline by Brian Brivati

The Blair Years by Alastair Campbell

Clem Attlee by Francis Beckett

Instruction to Deliver: Tony Blair, Public Services and the Challenge of Achieving Targets by Michael Barber

Hot Mettle: SOGAT, Murdoch and Me by Brenda Dean

Affluenza by Oliver James

What’s Left? How Liberals Lost Their Way by Nick Cohen

Target Iran by Scott Ritter

Heat by George Monbiot

Gordon Brown Speeches 1997 – 2006, edited by Wilf Stevenson

State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III by Bob Woodward

Conrad and Lady Black: Dancing on the Edge by Tom Bower

After Blair: A Liberal Agenda by Julian Astle, David Laws, and David Marshall

I Want To Make A Difference – But I Don’t Like Politics by John Redwood

Charles Kennedy: A Tragic Flaw by Greg Hurst

Thatcher & Sons: A Revolution In Three Acts by Simon Jenkins

Making Globalisation Work by Joseph Stiglitz

Celsius 7/7 by Michael Gove

President Gore And Other Things That Never Happened by Duncan Brack

The End of Politics by Alexander Lee and Timothy Stanley

New Labour by Stephen Driver and Luke Martell

Trading Information by Nicholas Jones

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