The SNP government is failing to protect Scottish families from home repossession

Judith Fisher  |  18 December 2008

One of the most fundamental human needs is that of decent shelter, but, as the collapse of the housing market continues, Scottish families are finding that they do not have the same protections from repossession as their counterparts in the rest of the UK.

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What to expect from Obama’s inaugural address on 20 January

Will Straw  |  18 December 2008

There is no equivalent in British politics to the American inaugural address. New prime ministers returning from Buckingham Palace after a general election or internal party leadership contest have barely had a couple of hours to prepare some remarks to the gathered media in Downing Street. By the time he looks east over an estimated crowd of four million stretched out along the historic National Mall, Barack Obama will have had 77 days since winning the election to think about what he will say.

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Taking rights seriously

Stephen Hockman QC and Sam Townend,  |  17 December 2008

Tory attacks on the Human Rights Act bear little resemblance to reality

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A realistic approach

Tim Shand  |  12 December 2008

Young people must be supported towards making informed choices about sex and relationships

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Speech to Progress annual conference 2008

Bobby Duffy  |  12 December 2008

How people vote is decided by three key factors – their views of the parties, their views of the leaders and their views of the issues

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Time for change

Leni Wild  |  12 December 2008

As the cholera outbreak escalates, leaders and civil society around the world are calling for change in Zimbabwe. But sadly, effective international institutions, legal tools and processes for dealing with gross human rights abuses committed (or tolerated) by a country’s own government are few and far between.

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Pop will eat itself?

Rupa Huq  |  9 December 2008

“Sex’n’drugs’n’roll,” sang cheeky chappie Ian Dury three decades ago. It’s that third element of youth culture’s unholy trinity that’s seen most as defining generational consciousness and change. But has pop music (a synonym for rock’n’roll) ceased to have its once assumed insurrectionary impact?

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Speech to Progress annual conference 2008

Kate Green MP  |  4 December 2008

Welfare reform: a route to greater social justice

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World AIDS Day 20 years on: Southern Africa

Mark Beacon  |  2 December 2008

Southern Africa has been hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic worse than any other region in the world

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Government must not step back from welfare reform

David Coats  |  1 December 2008

It is essential to redouble the government’s efforts to equip the so-called “hard to reach” groups with the capabilities they need to find work

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