June, 2008

Green gauge

Implementing the government's long-overdue energy strategy will require strong leadership

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The unwelcome reality of an SNP government is beginning to bite

Judith Fisher  |  27 June 2008

This week sees the end of the year at Holyrood, with parliament now in recess until September.

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We should welcome positive discrimination and watch the Tories squirm

Kevin McKeever  |  26 June 2008

David Cameron has slickly moved to claim the progressive mantle from Labour. But bold, genuinely progressive proposals like those announced today will reveal the true nature of Conservative politics on equality. Predictably tensions have already been exposed between the Tory frontbench and backbench MPs. When it comes to supporting concrete proposals the Conservatives will be found wanting and once again the Labour party will demonstrate our representation of all Britons and not just the privileged few.

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Judicial oversight

Richard Scorer  |  26 June 2008

The left needs to rediscover its ambivalence towards senior judges

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I demand an apology for the credit crisis – and the Tory revival

Dan McCurry  |  24 June 2008

I demand an apology for the credit crisis; an apology from the financial services industry. I don't demand regulation; I don't demand satisfaction; I simply demand an apology from the greedy, bonus paying, Tory-financing industry that has managed to damage the reputation of my Labour party through its profligate gluttony.

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It’s difficult to imagine Osborne exuding the same calm authority as Darling did last week

Nick Bent  |  23 June 2008

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the annual Bankers' Dinner at the Mansion House. I'm not a banker, although the ones I was seated next to were very good company. It was one of those rare occasions where one gets to see the establishment at play, up close and personal. And the pomp and ceremony of the dinner manages to be both surreal and strangely reassuring at the same time, or perhaps that was just the fine wine.

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From public sector to public service: putting citizens in control

This week, we publish a green paper entitled From Public Sector To Public Service: Putting Citizens In Control, by the Progress Public Services Reform Group, we want to hear the ideas of Progress members on the future of public services. The group, chaired by Rt Hon Alan Milburn MP, proposes a 10-year programme for improving …

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London’s loss

Peter Kellner  |  23 June 2008

Peter Kellner reviews the first account of the mayoral race

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Tactical voting

Will Straw  |  23 June 2008

Will Straw outlines the campaigning techniques that US Democrats are using to engage voters

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Size isn’t everything

John Hutton MP  |  23 June 2008

The old ‘big state’ versus ‘small state’ debate is the old politics. We need to move beyond it

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