August, 2008

Foreign affairs

Ken Gude  |  29 August 2008

After Bush, mustn't anything be better?

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Broken record

David Lammy MP  |  29 August 2008

How should Labour respond to David Cameron's language around society?

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Obama’s extraordinary speech tackles critics head on

Will Straw  |  29 August 2008

When candidates sit down to write a nomination acceptance speech, they decide on what boxes to tick. Political commentators listen hard and interpret the nuanced nods to this social issue or that foreign policy. What was striking about Obama's speech tonight was the manner in which he turned directly and addressed the central criticisms leveled at him.

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All eyes are on Obama as he prepares for speech of his life

Will Straw  |  28 August 2008

The abiding story of the first three days of the Convention has been unity. Before the weekend, as I reported yesterday, Hillary Clinton's most ardent supporters were pushing for a roll call vote to mug Obama of his nomination; Clinton's speech settled some nerves but a number of commentators felt that it didn't go far enough with Clinton failing to countenance her earlier claims that Obama was not ready to be Commander in Chief. Even yesterday, a few - primarily white women over 50 - were parading up Denver's main drag in Hillary t-shirts parading signs saying, 'Smart Choice' and 'Party Unity My Arse.'

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The lawmakers

Conor Powell  |  28 August 2008

President Obama will need to win over a powerful Senate to achieve change

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Flawed proposals

Jeremy Beecham  |  28 August 2008

Directly elected police representatives are not the best way to increase accountability

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Greening Labour

Mike Smith  |  27 August 2008

Labour must deny political space to the Tories and lead on the environment

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The latest from the Democratic National Convention

Will Straw  |  27 August 2008

After a triumphant opening night in which Michelle Obama gave a candid, moving and fluent speech, the baton passed on Tuesday evening to Hillary Clinton. The once presumptive nominee faced a tricky task of masking her own disappointment but avoiding any accusations of disunity. She did so in true style declaring, "I'm a proud supporter of Barack Obama."

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The Execution of Ya’qub Mehrnahad and us

Alan Johnson  |  26 August 2008

The genius of the Auschwitz survivor Primo Levi was, as Norman Geras observed , to use ‘common experience to illuminate the experience of the Nazi universe of death, and vice versa'.

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Suburban blues

Gareth Thomas MP  |  22 August 2008

Why Labour must win back the suburbs to win back London

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