September, 2008

Cameron’s Tories are doing what Tories always do

Steve Reed MP  |  30 September 2008

Shadow chancellor George Osborne claims his party will freeze council tax for two years if the Tories win the next election. That sounds good to most voters as council tax is unpopular. Osborne hopes to use the announcement to position his party as efficient and Labour as wasteful. That’s something we must not let him get away with because it’s not true.

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Informed choices

Robert Music  |  29 September 2008

The HPV vaccination programme will prevent a significant number of cancer cases, thus saving lives and reducing suffering.

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The truth behind the SNP’s local income tax

Judith Fisher  |  29 September 2008

The referendum on the creation of a Scottish parliament posed two separate questions to the electorate: did we want a parliament; and if so, did we want it to have tax-varying powers? The result was an overwhelming yes to the first question, and a very definite yes to the second.

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The first debate

Will Straw  |  25 September 2008

September 26th 1960 was the date of the first ever presidential debate, when an upstart Senator by the name of John F. Kennedy took on Vice President Richard Nixon. In an election where Kennedy won with 0.1% of the popular vote, the debate was critical. Nixon refused make up and looked pale on screen (his mother called him afterwards to ask if he was sick). After the event, Kennedy moved into a lead in the polls from which he never looked back. This Friday, on the forty-eighth anniversary of that first televised encounter, Barack Obama and John McCain will answer questions for 90 minutes from Jim Lehrer, a veteran broadcaster of ten presidential debates.

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A powerful case for Manchester’s Transport Innovation Fund

Richard Scorer  |  23 September 2008

Winning the referendum on the Manchester congestion charge is critical to the city's future economic prosperity

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Campaigning for votes at 16

Stephanie Peacock  |  19 September 2008

Voting at sixteen will challenge the chronic disengagement we see day in, day out, in our communities.

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Press Release

  |  18 September 2008

Milburn: ‘Scale back Whitehall and give power to the public'

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Northern discomfort

Ed Thornton  |  18 September 2008

The latest from Planet Wonk

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Reaching out

Mark Glover  |  17 September 2008

Energising Labour’s local government base

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Penalty power

Theo Blackwell  |  17 September 2008

Residents should have a direct say in how revenue from parking penalties is spent

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