October, 2008

Labour campaigning must move beyond the false division of ‘heartlands’ and ‘marginals’

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  31 October 2008

As a teenager, when I would tell people I was interested in politics they would invariably respond by saying something like: ‘Well, you could put up a monkey with a red rosette around here and it would get elected’. Of course, at the time we didn’t know that just a few years later we would discover that a monkey could actually get elected in the north-east without even wearing the red rosette.

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Hold your breath

Sam Hardy  |  31 October 2008

An Obama win will make it acceptable for Europeans to love America again

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British followers of the US election are in for a long night on Tuesday

Will Straw  |  30 October 2008

British followers of American politics have become familiar with falling asleep on election night without knowing the result. Last time out confusion in Ohio as absentee and provisional ballots were counted meant that Kerry did not concede until lunchtime the following day. In 2000, while Brits went to sleep thinking that Gore had won, they awoke to hear that Bush instead had taken Florida, a result that was upheld by the Supreme Court a month later. This time around, let's hope it is not such a white-knuckle ride although viewers should still expect a decent stretch ahead of them.

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Sex and relationship education will enable young people to make informed choices

Richard Angell  |  28 October 2008

The government in its wisdom last week announced that sex and relationship education will be a compulsory part of the school curriculum. This is fantastic news for young people and Britain more widely.

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Boardroom assault

Matthew Burchell  |  27 October 2008

Matthew Burchell finds Polly Toynbee and David Walker's book on inequality strong on analysis but weak on remedies

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Connecting the IPODS

Ben Page  |  27 October 2008

Labour can win back the support of young people. Ben Page outlines how

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Tanked up: Royal reward

Ed Thornton  |  27 October 2008

Ed Thornton reports from the 'thinktank Oscars'

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Westminster Watch: The lemon popsicle rebellion

The Insider  |  27 October 2008

Think back to late September and you may remember there was an uprising. If this rebellion had been a form of food then it would have been the Lemon Popsicle Rebellion. There we all were – a sleepy Friday afternoon before the party conference season – sharpening our pencils and filling the car boot with …

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Funding tensions

Fiona Mactaggart MP  |  27 October 2008

Toughening up rules on migrant benefits will only inflame tensions

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Driving change

Stephen Ladyman  |  27 October 2008

Labour cannot afford to ignore the concerns of motorists

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