Happy Christmas from Keir Hardie

  |  22 December 2009

Probably the most dog-eared book in my library is ‘The Keir Hardie calendar: A quotation from the writings and speeches of J. Keir Hardie for every day in the year'. I bought it in a wonderful second-hand bookshop/cafe in Robin Hood's Bay about 15 years ago (is it still there?). It was published and printed by the National Labour Press at 30 Blackfriars Street, Manchester. The book is undated, but I'm guessing it's from the last years of the century before last.

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We need to shine a light on this noble with a cause

  |  18 December 2009

By his choice of causes to champion, Prince Charles has proved over the decades that he is untroubled by what people think of him. He has pursued unfashionable causes, from alternative medicine to neo-Georgian architecture, with the steadfastness of a man who knows he will never have to face the voters. His political platform is solid gold, whilst those of politicians are built on more ephemeral foundations.

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Cutting to the core

David Begg  |  18 December 2009

Ireland's budget amounts to a charter of exploitation that puts very deep blue water between the government and its people

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With a series of meaty policy announcements Scottish Labour are increasingly looking like a government in waiting

Judith Fisher  |  18 December 2009

This month saw the publication of The Literacy Commission Report in Scotland. The Commission, set up by the Scottish Labour party but consisting of an independent group of educationalists, academics, business people and authors, has spent the last eighteen months investigating Scotland's literacy problem.

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Progressives react angrily to BBC cave on Trafigura

  |  17 December 2009

While the US is freely able to debate Trafigura's role in the Ivory Coast toxic dumpings, the British press has been effectively silenced. This isn't surprising in a legal system which goes out of its way to benefit the rich and powerful. The gagging of the BBC demands a new libel reform law. Progress has already signed up to the campaign, we hope supporters will too.
Jessica Asato, Acting Director of Progress

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Here and now

Andrew Pakes  |  17 December 2009

For some British voters climate change is already an issue for today, not tomorrow

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Defining the vision

Nick Keehan  |  17 December 2009

Nick Keehan is not entirely convinced by Christopher Meyer's account of the importance of the diplomat throughout British history

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Lamb recommendations

Nils Boray  |  17 December 2009

The government needs to take a more progressive approach in their provision for special educational needs

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Marginal support

Simon Retallack  |  17 December 2009

The government needs to work harder to persuade cash-strapped Britons to fund a Copenhagen deal

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Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill

  |  16 December 2009

Please support this chance to continue to engage people in politics

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