January, 2009

Hazel Blears’ top tips for candidates

Hazel Blears  |  29 January 2009

Earlier this week Hazel Blears spoke to Progress' PPCs' Network. We really liked her top tips so here they are!

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The budget proposed by the SNP is grossly inadequate in the face of the current financial crisis

Judith Fisher  |  29 January 2009

The Scottish government’s budget for the coming year has been rejected by the Scottish parliament. The budget fell on the vote of the presiding officer after the vote tied at 64 votes apiece.

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Smart government

Gordon Lishman  |  28 January 2009

People should be judged on their ability do their job, not their date of birth

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Breaking the rules

Gordon Banks MP  |  28 January 2009

Winning Glenrothes put a spring in our step, but in truth we only won because we went in with our heads up

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An intelligent presidency?

Leni Wild  |  26 January 2009

Intelligence seems to be back in the headlines again. One of Obama's first acts as president was to close Guantanamo Bay because, in the words of his newly appointed head of national intelligence, Dennis Blair, "It is a rallying cry for terrorist recruitment and harmful to our national security". And one of the main responsibilities for Blair will be to rebuild public trust in the intelligence agencies.

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Faith in the nation

Zaki Cooper  |  26 January 2009

Politicians, businesses and journalists are having to grapple with the impact of faith on identity

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By-election gains

Joe Goldberg  |  23 January 2009

Defeating the new nasty party

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Leading the way

Nathan Yeowell  |  23 January 2009

Labour councillors have a vital role to play in safeguarding our communities through this recession

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People first

Giampi Alhadeff  |  22 January 2009

The PES manifesto is a clarion call against a 'do nothing' Europe

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Learning opportunities

Tom Schuller  |  21 January 2009

Lifelong learning can contribute to a more progressive approach to penal policy

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