February, 2009

Labour 2.0

Douglas Alexander MP  |  28 February 2009

Douglas Alexander addresses Progress' e-campaigning conference

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Labour 2.0

Derek Draper  |  27 February 2009

On the eve of Progress' e-campaigning conference LabourList editor Derek Draper gives us his thoughts

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Social justice: left or right turn?

Cath Arakelian  |  26 February 2009

Iain Duncan Smith’s Labour opponent in Chingford takes on the former Tory leader’s ‘Old Testament’ vision of social justice

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The SNP have failed again to put their money where their mouth is

Judith Fisher  |  26 February 2009

During the 2007 election, the SNP made cutting class sizes to a maximum of 18 in the first three years of primary school a flagship manifesto pledge.

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Here in India the ‘global economic hurricane’ feels rather more like a stiff breeze

Laura Chappell  |  25 February 2009

An "economic hurricane" is sweeping the world, with devastating effects for all countries, rich and poor alike. The only way to prevent the most serious recession of the last 75 years is for all nations to act as one. Within the UK few would deviate from this analysis. But here in India things feel different. Gordon Brown’s "global economic hurricane" feels rather more like a stiff breeze.

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Keeping the lights on

Paul Afshar  |  25 February 2009

The government faces the challenge of meeting our energy gap in an environmentally friendly way

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Reclaiming the capital

Tessa Jowell  |  24 February 2009

To win back London, it is Labour – not the voters – that must change

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Recession bites

Stephanie Peacock  |  24 February 2009

The government must take more action to support young people over the coming months

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Press release

  |  23 February 2009

Labour thinktank urges Darling to freeze stamp duty for duration of 2009

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A new age of responsibility

Stephen Burke  |  23 February 2009

The care system is in crisis and requires urgent, radical reform

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