March, 2009

Coming to terms with change

Anthony Painter  |  31 March 2009

Far from exhausted, the left of British politics is alive and thriving

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Undue influence

Warren Morgan  |  30 March 2009

We must look carefully at the influence of lobbyists on our political system

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Practice what you preach

Nick Anstead and Will Straw  |  27 March 2009

These small steps show how we can embrace technology to further political participation

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Labour must cut through false choices and be realistic about reform

Will Straw  |  26 March 2009

Barack Obama has been fond of cutting through false choices, whether between national security and “our ideals,” or between “sound science and moral values.” In launching our book, The Change We Need: What Britain Can Learn from Obama’s Victory, Nick Anstead and I have come across three of our own.

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400 days

Alex Smith  |  25 March 2009

Labour must take a risk on renewal at our grassroots

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A resolution on Kashmir is key to tackling the issues the world – and India – want Pakistan to address

Laura Chappell  |  24 March 2009

India might be the rising global power of South Asia, but it is the country's north-westerly neighbour which is currently holding the world's gaze. A series of incredible events in Pakistan, including the attacks on Sri Lanka's cricket team, the truce with the 'good' Taliban in the swat valley and the re-installation of the chief justice have all grabbed the world's attention.

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Budget measures

Rt Hon Stephen Byers MP  |  24 March 2009

April 2009, make or break month for Labour

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Defending the Trust Fund

Lee Gregory  |  23 March 2009

The Liberal Democrats’ opposition to the Child Trust Fund is regressive and misguided

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For too long, too many pro-Europeans have been frightened of tackling Eurosceptic assaults head-on

Neena Gill  |  20 March 2009

The continuing confusion over the future of the Lisbon treaty - Ireland is due to vote again, the Czechs have not yet ratified, and Germany's constitutional court is currently discussing its legality - has caused all of us who believe in the European project to reflect on Europe’s direction. For too long, too many pro-Europeans have been frightened of tackling Eurosceptic assaults head-on. It is high time that we took a much more positive approach to Europe. It is high time that we forcefully outlined what the EU has done for Britain, and what it can do in the future.

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Under review

Meg Munn MP  |  19 March 2009

Is the Laming report the start of a new chapter in child protection?

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