June, 2009

War wounds

Danny Kushlick  |  30 June 2009

Only by ending the politically driven war on drugs can we begin to address the underlying causes of the drugs trade

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In the name of Moses

Dave Rich  |  30 June 2009

Criticism of ‘Zionism' on the supposedly anti-racist left too often spills over into antisemitism

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Building Britain’s future

Gordon Brown MP  |  29 June 2009

The current economic climate is not an excuse for inaction, but the moment to forge a new economic and constitutional settlement for Britain

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Street speak

Paul Lusk  |  29 June 2009

Labour's opaque ambitions for neighbourhood renewal need to be translated into a legible political narrative of 'neighbourhood rights'

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Make or break

Andrew Pakes  |  26 June 2009

A call to arms on climate change

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We only have a few weeks of active politics before the general election – we must start the campaign now

Paul Richards  |  26 June 2009

In the Dog and Duck, outside school gates, across garden fences, the talk is of little else. Britain nervously anticipates the publication next week of the new ‘National Plan’. Queues will form outside Waterstones, as the public eagerly awaits Labour’s proposals to take Britain from recession to recovery, from doldrums to the high seas. Not since the publication of Lord Denning’s report into the Profumo scandal, which sold 4,000 copies in the first hour, has a government document been so much in demand.

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What we’re reading: 26 June 2009

  |  26 June 2009

Your daily progressive news round- up!

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Plain speaking

Martin Salter  |  25 June 2009

The bile and hatred some Tories have shown to the new Speaker show the nasty party is alive and well

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What we’re reading: 25 June 2009

  |  25 June 2009

Your daily progressive news round-up!

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A Speaker and a listener

Rob Newman  |  24 June 2009

John Bercow’s elevation to the chair is a loss to the Tories – even if they choose not to realise it – and a big gain for the House

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