July, 2009

What we’re reading: 31 July 2009

  |  31 July 2009

Your daily progressive news round-up!

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With spending cuts ahead Labour must be honest with the electorate and follow three guiding principles to set us apart from the Tories

Richard Angell  |  31 July 2009

The result in Norwich North is yet further confirmation that Labour's Mr 10% campaigns and the investment vs cuts message is going down like a lead balloon. It finally appears that Lord Mandelson and others are trying to manoeuvre a new message, so what should it be?

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Progress summer reading

Gary Titley MEP  |  31 July 2009

Gary Titley reviews Andrew Duff's 'Saving the European Union – The logic of the Lisbon Treaty'

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Paul Richards: we’ll have to do better than blaming Tory councils for Vestas

Paul Richards  |  31 July 2009

There’s nothing like a factory occupation to set lefties’ hearts aflutter.

The idea of workers taking control of the means of production has the romance of the biennio rosso, the ‘two red years’ 1920-21 when Italian workers occupied car factories in Turin, or the heroism of the work-in by the shipbuilders on the Upper Clyde in 1971, with Tony Benn and Jimmy Reid leading the demonstrations. Factory occupations are to working class activism what signing a petition or spending a night at a peace camp is to middle class activism. Proper workers often find their efforts emulated by wannabe proletarians on campus, with students occupying university buildings to abolish capitalism, fix the Middle East conflict, or avoid writing essays.

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Progress summer reading

Simon Griffiths  |  27 July 2009

The Sprit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do BetterRichard Wilkinson and Kate PickettAllen Lane352pp£20.00 Inequality is killing us. Not just those at the bottom of society, but all of us. This is the argument of Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett’s new book The Sprit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better. …

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More than a flesh wound: five lessons for Labour from the Norwich North by-election

Paul Richards  |  24 July 2009

In the past few minutes, the result from the by-election in Norwich North has been announced. The Conservatives have gained the seat for the first time since 1992, with a majority of 7,348.

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Progress summer reading

Lewis Baston  |  24 July 2009

Lewis Baston reviews Vernon Bogdanor's 'The New British Constitution'

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Alarm bells

Dave Rich  |  24 July 2009

The recent alarming rise in anti-semitic incidents in Britain should worry all on the left who want to see a cohesive society

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Is it time for a Scottish referendum on the monarchy?

Judith Fisher  |  23 July 2009

It's silly season at Holyrood, and you can't get much sillier than the royal family.

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Governors and young people need a stronger voice in tackling permanent exclusions in schools

David Chaplin  |  23 July 2009

Secondary schools face a challenge when dealing with violent and difficult students. Disruptive students can affect the learning of their peers and prevent teaching staff from effectively delivering the curriculum, they can also pose a physical and emotional threat to other students if they are involved in bullying or other unacceptable activities in school.

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