September, 2009

Press Release

  |  29 September 2009

Gordon Brown’s commitment to reform after expenses scandal has stalled, say Labour modernisers

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We want the same thing for Labour

Neal Lawson and Stephen Twigg  |  28 September 2009

Though we disagree on plenty, we both believe that pluralism will secure the party's future 

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Victoria Walsh  |  26 September 2009

We must ensure that mental health service provision is protected from cuts during the recession

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High speed rail

José Blanco López  |  26 September 2009

Investing in high speed railways could accelerate economic recovery and reduce inequalities

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What we’re reading: 25 September 2009

  |  25 September 2009

Your daily progressive news round-up!

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Democracy in Swaziland

Mark Beacon  |  25 September 2009

The acquittal of banned political leader Mario Masuku is a step forward for democracy in Swaziland

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Labour must use next week in Brighton to expose the real dangers of a Tory victory

Paul Richards  |  25 September 2009

Of the nineteen Labour party annual conferences I’ve attended – as a delegate, candidate, staffer, and general hanger-on – I think this must be the most important. It is clear that many people have written Labour off for the next election. The battle for blame has begun. Seamus Milne blames defeat on New Labour. Martin Kettle blames it on Brown.

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The SNP have yet to figure out that the purpose of governing is meant to be improving people’s lives

Judith Fisher  |  24 September 2009

Last week, the SNP made their annual budget announcement.

The Scottish government outlined plans to cut schools funding by £2.7m, the enterprise budget by £76m, with housing and regeneration the biggest loser, facing cuts of £253m. The money to be spent on affordable housing will go down from £525m this year to £352m next year.

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What we’re reading: 24 September 2009

  |  24 September 2009

Your daily progressive news round-up!

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The road to Brighton

Luke Akehurst  |  24 September 2009

Luke Akehurst’s advice to new conference-goers: pace your drinking!

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