October, 2009

An equal balance

Jean Rogers  |  30 October 2009

We must tackle female ageism in drama and the media

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No stone unturned

Huw Lewis AM  |  29 October 2009

Welsh Labour needs a rapid re-discovery of its radical heritage

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Drug policy

Danny Stamp  |  29 October 2009

Is it time to decriminalise drugs?

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Welsh Labour leadership election

Edwina Hart  |  28 October 2009

Nothing we want to achieve in politics can be delivered without persuading people to go on voting Labour

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Claiming for asylum is a human right

Judith Fisher  |  28 October 2009

On October 13, Phil Woolas, minister of state for borders and immigration, announced major changes to the procedure for changing asylum which have particular repercussions for asylum seekers in Scotland.

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Unions have the potential to make a major input in organising for the next election

Hannah Blythyn  |  27 October 2009

As we near November and the first anniversary of Obama’s historic election victory, it seems a fitting point to reflect on what this regularly referenced and successful campaign entailed. Not least, the timing is key as here at home we enter the ‘long campaign’ to next year’s general election. So what can be learnt from the Obama victory and how can it be applied in the next six months? In particular, the US unions were at the heart of the campaign to get the Democrats into the White House and, in many aspects, led the way in demonstrating how organisations like unions can communicate with their members and ultimately impact on the result of a general election.

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Time to get real

Carwyn Jones  |  27 October 2009

Welsh Labour has to demonstrate once again that it puts ordinary working people first

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Fixing fatalism

Claire McCarthy  |  26 October 2009

Claire McCarthy takes issue with Barnardos’ illiberal prescription for problem families

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Noble isolation

Roger Liddle  |  26 October 2009

Roger Liddle is moved by Shirley William’s human tale of a woman’s life in politics

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Bill, please

  |  26 October 2009

Ahead of the Queen’s speech Progress asked 10 former Labour ministers their priorities for the next parliament

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