November, 2009

It is only Labour that will deliver for working women

Hannah Blythyn  |  30 November 2009

Over the past 12 years the trade union movement has worked with the Labour government to bring in a vast tally of rights and recognitions that have made a real difference to the lives of women in the workplace and beyond. The trade unions have campaigned long and hard on behalf of working women, for workplace equality rights and an end to gender based discrimination. These very same rights were, at best, eroded and at worst, extinguished during the previous 18 years of Conservative rule.

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Fighting for equality

Meg Munn MP  |  27 November 2009

Supporting women around the world 

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Preferred provider

Joe Farrington-Douglas  |  27 November 2009

Andy Burnham’s announcement provides an opportunity for a valuable debate about the use of markets in public services

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We must put patients first and disregard the siren voices of vested interests

Paul Richards  |  27 November 2009

Many years ago, a bright young thing called Stephen Pollard organised a series of meetings, under the banner ‘Two Generations’ at the House of Commons designed to let Labour MPs’ researchers sit at the feet of party grandees and imbibe their wisdom. I attended two (they may have been the only two). One was with Douglas Jay, a treasury minister in Attlee’s government. I remember his eye-patch and his fierce anti-Europeanism. The other was with Len Murray, general secretary of the TUC in the 1970s. Both men are now attending the Great Branch Meeting in the Sky, and Stephen Pollard is the editor of Jewish Chronicle.

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Scottish Labour must now articulate their vision of the kind of Scotland they want to use these new powers to create

Judith Fisher  |  26 November 2009

This week, the UK government announced a list of new powers it wants to transfer from Westminster to the Scottish parliament, and a few that it wants to transfer from Holyrood back to Westminster, under its response to the Calman Commission review of devolution. This comes ahead of the SNP government setting out its own white paper on independence, which is due to take place on Monday, St Andrew’s Day.

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  |  25 November 2009

Unite response to Progress letter to Andy Burnham MP

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No stone unturned

Bob Glaberson  |  25 November 2009

Resolve is the key in Iran negotiations

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Democratic deficit

Lord Morgan  |  24 November 2009

Lord Morgan: ‘We should have the popular will asserted in our constitution, in the choice of candidates, in primaries, in the power of recall’

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Power 2010

George Gabriel  |  24 November 2009

Citizens must determine the rules of the game in which representatives are to compete and govern

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Raise the roof

Dave Roberts  |  24 November 2009

The government should raise the income threshold of the Rent a Room Scheme

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