May, 2010

Curing Labour’s southern discomfort

Paul Richards  |  28 May 2010

To borrow a phrase, Labour needs to understand why people want a conservatory: aspiration, the Miliband backstory and serious thought and on-the-ground organisation are key to this

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New Labour Values website

Karin Christiansen  |  28 May 2010

As Labour begins to assess how it reorganises, this new site offers a challenge to the leadership - and to party activists to get involved

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The West Coast main line marginals

Lewis Baston  |  28 May 2010

Despite seeing off the Lib Dem threat, there is no magic demographic solution for Labour in regaining a majority in parliament and recovering the support of the English working class is crucial

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Dancing around the deficit

Lucy Gill  |  27 May 2010

Disquiet over the four main leadership candidates' discussion of immigration is unnecessary and verging on censorious. The defeat post-mortem must be full and frank. So here goes.

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A time for economic emphathy, not technocracy

Roland Marcelin-Horne  |  27 May 2010

At Progress conference, Yvette Cooper was joined by Rachel Reeves, Stephen Alambritis and Dan Whittle to discuss the economy, including the need to make sure debate takes place in a non-technocratic way

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Lambeth’s cooperative future

Steve Reed MP  |  27 May 2010

Steve Reed, leader of Lambeth council, sets out what the cooperative council of the future will look like and how it can meet the demands of changing times

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Schooling for profit?

Mike Ion  |  26 May 2010

As Michael Gove begins his education reform plans, Mike Ion takes a look across the pond at how for-profit schools operate in the US

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Rolling the state out of industrial policy

Tim Horton  |  26 May 2010

As the axe of spending cuts hovers over the department for business this week, do spare a quick thought for Ian Swales, the new Lib Dem MP for Redcar

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The coalition in development: a bluer shade of green

Steve Cockburn  |  26 May 2010

The Lib Dems have not fought the corner of international development - they are absent from DfID and big ideas such as the Robin Hood Tax have been dropped

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David Cameron and the roast beef rebels

David Hencke  |  25 May 2010

The battle between David Cameron and traditional Tories has already begun and if he plays it badly, it could sow the seeds of his downfall.

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