July, 2010

Exeter and Norwich elections

  |  30 July 2010

Well done to Victoria MacDonald who was victorious in Lakenham ward, Norwich. It was great to meet Victoria and, on the doorstep, many of the residents she’ll now be looking after. Well done to all candidates in Norwich and Exeter. Progress were pleased to have helped in Lakenham. *** Please join the Progress team on 9 September 2010 as …

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Ideas for Labour to help SMEs recover

Ben Fox  |  30 July 2010

Having had the dubious pleasure of reading the coalition's green paper boldly titled ‘Financing a private sector recovery', I can safely say that I haven't read such vacuous contradictory rubbish in a long time.

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Labour’s got talent

Ed Thornton  |  30 July 2010

Centre-left thinktanks put their rivalries to one side last month and joined together to host one of the first hustings in a lengthy Labour leadership campaign. Ed Thornton judges who's got talent...

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Golden opportunity for Labour

Michael Stephenson  |  29 July 2010

Who remembers back in February when George Osborne laughingly tried to explain how a Conservative government would set up worker cooperatives to run public services?

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Value for money – for who?

Steve Cockburn  |  29 July 2010

With rightwing hawks circling the ringfenced aid budget, ‘Value for Money' is the new mantra ringing through DfID's Palace Street offices. But how does this stack up against some of the government's early aid decisions?

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Movement politics

Anthony Painter  |  29 July 2010

Labour's leadership contenders see the party building a movement for change. But have they got it the wrong way around? The Obama and the conservative movements, and Labour's own history, may show us the answer.

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The egos have landed

Lance Price  |  28 July 2010

Alastair Campbell's diaries chart the twists and turns of the pre-1997 Labour party in incredible detail, bringing back to life the sometimes maddening personalities and politics of the era

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Is Cameron’s Turkish delight good for Europe’s waistline?

Petros Fassoulas  |  27 July 2010

It is safe to say that Mr Cameron is not a passionate supporter of many EU policies but if there is one that he wholeheartedly supports then that is the process of EU enlargement. But is his eagerness to accelerate Turkey's accession good for the EU?

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A slick approach to renewables

Andrew Pakes  |  27 July 2010

It should be an auspicious occasion: the presentation of the first ever energy statement to parliament. In reality, the statement will be overshadowed by the latest boardroom twists in BP and a failure of Chris Huhne to shake off concerns about Tory plans for cuts.

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Why I’m backing Ed Miliband

Rachel Reeves MP  |  27 July 2010

He may be less well known now, but within a short space of time as leader Ed Miliband would be able to win back the voters we lost after 1997 and set a course for the future to deal with the problems the UK faces

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