August, 2010

Getting the party on the front foot

Peter Wheeler  |  31 August 2010

NEC candidate Peter Wheeler reflects on the upsides and downsides of the long leadership campaign, preparing for a possible ConDem collapse and resisting a Texas Republican-style manipulation of new boundaries.

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Britain and Labour need to talk up, not down, pupils’ achievements

Jamie McMahon  |  31 August 2010

I always know summer is drawing to an end when I see the same old A level and GCSE stories in the headlines. Articles start with ‘record results for GCSE students' and end by chastising the ‘dumbing down' of exams.

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Now the battle begins

Kate Green MP  |  31 August 2010

As the government pushes back against criticism from the IFS, the Fawcett Society and beyond, Labour is united and ready to spring to fight for its progressive legacy of not just the last 13 years but throughout its history

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We need to become more interesting than cats in bins

Paul Richards  |  27 August 2010

It is depressing but true that for all the hustings, speeches, manifestos, endorsements, mailings and phone calls, the Labour leadership contest has been less interesting to the public than a woman putting a cat into a wheelie bin.

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Reasons to be cheerful

Adrian Prandle  |  27 August 2010

As I write this it is just days from the August bank holiday and the rain is assaulting the windows, the pavements, and my eardrums. But, this is no metaphor for the state of Labour politics – rather, there are numerous reasons to be cheerful.

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Don’t blame the audience: it’s time to change the tape

Rachel Reeves MP  |  27 August 2010

The 1980s are over. Nobody wants to go back there. But so are the 1990s. And what worked then for Labour won’t work now. That is our clear conviction and why we are backing Ed Miliband as the leadership contender who most understands the scale of the change the Party needs to undertake to win again.

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Beating Boris

  |  26 August 2010

Labour should choose Oona not Ken

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David Miliband’s Moment

Editorial  |  26 August 2010

David Miliband has demonstrated an appeal which crosses the party and reaches beyond it. Labour should elect him leader

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A cost free revolution for schools

Josh MacAlister  |  26 August 2010

In the week pupils celebrated their GCSE successes, Josh MacAlister tries to find a better way to measure school successes

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Yes we assessed the budget for its impact on the disadvantaged, no we didn’t

Vera Baird  |  26 August 2010

Despite being asked five times, Treasury Secretary Mark Hoban could not tell yesterday morning's Today programme that the Coalition did gender, race or disability impact assessments of its abysmally regressive and anti-family budget, though Labour's Equality law requires it to do all three.

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