September, 2010

Education article

  |  30 September 2010

This is my first conference as a delegate and I am proud to be representing Bury North CLP. I am also the candidate for Elton in Bury in next May’s local elections, having reduced the Tory ward majority vote from 600 to 200 earlier this year. With work and the support from people across Elton, …

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Labour, the state and markets

Liam Byrne MP and Rachel Reeves MP  |  30 September 2010

Read Liam Byrne's excellent analysis of Labour, the state and markets from this week's party conference, an address to which new MP Rachel Reeves gave a thoughtful response, emphasing the need for Labour to develop a critique of the market.

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The prison debate

Mark Davies  |  30 September 2010

Ken Clarke is following much of Jack Straw's agenda, but less subtly and with a sentencing emphasis that ignores many other factors. Labour, too, needs to make sure it does not cede the centre ground on crime and remember it was the only government since the war to cut crime.

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The other conference. The one about global poverty.

Steve Cockburn  |  30 September 2010

It's a little-known fact that the UN headquarters in New York is the only public place in the Big Apple where you can legally smoke. Tobacco, however, is not the only thing there capable of slowing killing people with hot air.

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From sow’s ear to silk purse

Tom Levitt  |  29 September 2010

The big society is here to stay. As Labour reconnects with the electorate, building a firm base for support through the difficult days to come, it must reassert itself as the natural party of communities - and steal the big society agenda.

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Younger Labour Councillors’ Network

Dave Sparks  |  28 September 2010

Ahead of tonight's event, Changing the world through local politics, Dave Sparks explains that councillors can best shape their community if they are representative of them and how he is seeking to bring new young people into local politics.

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How should the British left engage with Islamists?

Lucy James  |  28 September 2010

Far too often, the left has badly bungled its attempts to engage with Islamists. For example, Labour's candidate for London mayor, Ken Livingstone, has promoted Yusuf al-Qaradawi, often regarded as the spiritual leader of the world's largest Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, as 'one of the leading progressive voices in the Muslim world'.

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Why Europe needs Caspian gas in the transition to a low-carbon world

Philip Hunt  |  27 September 2010

Ahead of this evening's event on the south Caucasus, speaker Philip Hunt writes that after the breakdown of the Copenhagen negotiations, it's not surprising that climate change has slipped down the agenda. But it remains one of the most critical global issues we face.

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Elephants will never forgive

Adam Harrison  |  27 September 2010

Manchester played host to an elephant this afternoon. Not one from Chester Zoo, but a special Elephant Family elephant, the like of which may be familiar already to readers who have seen them round the country on the street, at railway stations and shopping centres.

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Feeling the benefit

David Blunkett MP  |  27 September 2010

In confronting the challenge of the coalition's proposals to create a single out-of-work benefit - outlined by Iain Duncan Smith during the summer recess - three things strike me as being imperative to our response.

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