October, 2010

The wrong angle

David Lammy MP  |  29 October 2010

The problem with the housing benefit cuts is not that there is no problem. It is that sky-high rents are being addressed from the wrong angle. A progressive solution could involve a land tax to incentivise land use and New York-style rent controls.

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Cutting the social fabric

Samuel Walker  |  29 October 2010

The government is set on cuts to housing benefit while simultaneously hoping for cuts to unemployment figures. But the two are incompatible, misunderstand the nature of unemployment and will harm London's social landscape.

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Combating human trafficking

Yvette Cooper MP  |  29 October 2010

Modern Conservatives are letting prejudice prevent them from standing firm against today's traders and traffickers

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From Weymouth beach to Palm Beach

Dave Roberts  |  28 October 2010

In a swing county in the swing state of Florida, Dave Roberts brings us a special report on US midterm election campaigning, and finds that while differences are evident, some of the similarities between Labour and the Democrats are just as striking...

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A memo to the shadow foreign secretary

Alex Bigham  |  28 October 2010

Dear Yvette Politicians are never short of advice - ‘some of it unsolicited' as Ed Miliband said at the beginning of his conference speech. So forgive me for giving my own pieces of uninvited, but comradely counsel to you as the new shadow foreign secretary. You have taken on what is a difficult portfolio at the best of times, and I hope this is helpful.

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Housing tenure and the big society

Alan Middleton  |  28 October 2010

The coalition's lack of connection to the lives of ordinary people causes them to fail to see the links between different elements of their social policy. A typical example is that David Cameron's pet proposal for social housing, ‘bringing an end to social housing for life', fundamentally contradicts his proposals for the big society.

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The sixth estate

Dan McCurry  |  28 October 2010

Advocacy by union reps for individuals in a workforce would help tailor unions' offer to the modern era, and help build a better-paid and more productive workforce across the board.

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Housing benefit reform in the firing line

  |  27 October 2010

Who won PMQs? Hopi Sen, Rayhan Haque and Samuel Walker nominate top backbencher, best joke ('Clegg back on the fags'? or one MP's choice of lilac jacket?), taking the temperature of the chamber today...

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Scotland deserves better

Kezia Dugdale MSP  |  27 October 2010

The Scottish Labour party will convene in Oban this weekend for its last full conference prior to next year's Holyrood elections. And Labour must take the chance to show the country it can meet the double challenge that faces it.

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Not all it seems

Sally Keeble  |  27 October 2010

So, the grey vote will be the target for the coalition in 2015. Having protected pensioners in the current budget round, the promise is now to plan (but not implement) a mouth-watering, vote-winning 50 per cent pension increase before the next general election. But this is not all it appears...

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