January, 2011

Unintended consequences?

Lewis Baston  |  31 January 2011

Lewis Baston answers the question: how much should Labour worry about a collapse in Liberal Democrat support?

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The Jasmine Revolutions

Alex Bigham  |  31 January 2011

As Tunisia and Egypt pass through the throes of transition, can 'modernising authoritarian' regimes really move towards democracy, managing the increasingly restless, young populations within their borders?

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Cuts in Scotland

Judith Fisher  |  31 January 2011

Last week the SNP government published their budget plans for the next four years. John Swinney, the finance secretary, agreed to publish extended spending forecasts after being challenged by Labour and the other opposition parties immediately after announcing a draft budget in November when he limited his plans to the current financial year.

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Legal aid cuts under the microscope

Kate Green MP  |  31 January 2011

Cuts to the legal aid budget have caused alarm across the political spectrum, and could help build up problems for a later date. The Commons debates the contentious issue later this week.

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The importance of the public library

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP  |  30 January 2011

David Cameron has now surpassed himself. There are those of us - myself included - who have seen his swingeing cuts in public spending and emphasis on a so-called 'big society' as reflecting a Victorian approach to society, where public provision was limited, and the needs of many people were left to philanthropists and private charity. Yet the news that as many as 400 libraries could be threatened with closure is pre-Victorian.

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Victory in Cornwall

Jude Robinson  |  29 January 2011

The Camborne North by-election was the first Unitary contest in Cornwall since the general election, so we knew the result would be important but it did not look promising for Labour.

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250 children centres face closure

Claire McCarthy  |  28 January 2011

The true scale of the potential closures and cuts to sure start children centres has been laid bare today for the first time, with approximately 250 at risk of closing within a year; a further 2,000 cutting back the services they offer to families and 1,000 centres issuing ‘at risk of redundancy notices' to staff. These are the findings of a new survey of sure start children's centre managers across England, carried out by ourselves, 4Children, and Daycare Trust, which was published today.

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Upward mobility for Labour

Paul Richards  |  28 January 2011

This week Alan Milburn, who in his own words went from council house to cabinet, gave a Progress lecture on social mobility. Labour can yet seize back the mantle of social mobility and aspiration from the Tories' story of laissez-faire individualism.

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The Movement for Change lives on

Ben Maloney  |  28 January 2011

This week's endorsement of the Movement for Change by Ed and David Miliband is a remarkably bold statement by the Labour leadership.

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This land is our land

David Green  |  28 January 2011

A land value tax could widen asset ownership without hitting middle-income aspirations, argues David Green Child trust funds, intended to widen asset ownership radically, were an early casualty of the coalition. A system of direct redistribution based on land could be Labour’s next policy to even out life chances at 18. Land taxation targets ownership …

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