February, 2011

Positively Labour in May

Michael Calderbank  |  28 February 2011

Labour's Yes campaign on the AV referendum is continuing to build momentum, with polls showing strong support for a Yes position among Labour voters.

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Upstairs, Downstairs

The Insider  |  28 February 2011

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village... from the latest edition of Progress magazine

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Tory councils are cutting from a low base

Kate Green MP  |  28 February 2011

Let's be clear: local government funding decisions are highly politically driven. Under the ConDem government, funding is being skewed to help the better-off authorities, those that are Tory-controlled.

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Remembering Memorial Hall

Paul Richards  |  27 February 2011

Reading the list of delegates, their names, addresses and organisations at Labour's founding conference brings home the nature of the nascent Labour party. It is obvious that Labour in 1900 was overwhelmingly working class, male and anchored in a bewildering array of trade unions.

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What would Keir Hardie make of Labour 111 years on?

Greg Rosen  |  27 February 2011

Keir Hardie's first manifesto included three key aims: home rule, a minimum wage and temperance. It took until the Blair-Brown governments to achieve the first two. The third aim slipped into quiet obscurity.

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111th anniversary of the Labour party

Denis MacShane MP  |  27 February 2011

What was it like for you, Brother? How one wishes to have been the proverbial fly on the wall 111 years ago today, on Tuesday 27 February 1900 in the Memorial Hall in Clerkenwell. It was one of those meetings we all know and love or hate according to taste.

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Another leader to fall?

Lazzaro Pietragnoli  |  26 February 2011

Like Al Capone, whose criminal career ended with a conviction for income tax evasion, Silvio Berlusconi's controversial political adventure might finish in dishonour for a ‘minor' crime.

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Labour 4 High Speed 2 campaign supporters

  |  26 February 2011

The ‘Labour for High Speed 2’ is gathering momentum and lots of supporters in and outside the Labour party: A national high speed network has the potential to bring our major cities closer together, boosting investment and economic growth in the north of England. That’s why it was Labour that set out plans for a …

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Coalition must help north African transitions

Paul Richards  |  25 February 2011

The Special Air Service has returned to its birthplace, the Libyan desert, to secure the return of stranded British oil workers. Cameron's first attempt at a rescue - chartering planes from a private airline which arrived late and left half-full - was a disaster. It's a good job he wasn't in charge of the Falklands taskforce; they'd probably have landed in the Shetlands.

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Balls to the rescue?

Robert Philpot  |  25 February 2011

Labour's reputation for economic competence remains stuck in the doldrums, says Robert Philpot. Can Ed Balls turn this tanker around?

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