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Labour 4 High Speed 2 campaign supporters

The ‘Labour for High Speed 2’ is gathering momentum and lots of supporters in and outside the Labour party:

A national high speed network has the potential to bring our major cities closer together, boosting investment and economic growth in the north of England. That’s why it was Labour that set out plans for a high speed line from London to Birmingham but importantly also on to Leeds and Manchester.

The Tory-led government is only planning to take powers to construct the line as far as Birmingham which casts real doubt on their long term commitment to delivering high speed rail in the north. They should think again and ensure the whole route is included in the forthcoming legislation.
Maria Eagle MP, shadow transport secretary

‘The plan to bring a high speed rail line to Sheffield is good news for the wider city region and it’s people. It’s good news for the local economy and good news for jobs.’
Clive Betts, MP for Sheffield South East

** NEW ** ‘HS2 is an exciting project which will benefit many Northern towns which have felt like the ‘poor relation’ with regard to rail services thus far. The West Coast Main Line is at full capacity and, with the popularity of rail travel, doing nothing is simply not an option. HS2 also represents a challenge and it is important that the government gets it right.’
Julie Hilling, MP for Bolton West

‘HS2 is good for the national infrastructure. It binds  together the south with the north, allows wealth the be generated and above all creates jobs during the construction phase and afterwards because people and goods can move easily.’
Gisela Stuart, MP for Birmingham Edgbaston

‘I’m delighted to be supporting Progress’ HS2 campaign.  We need to get the economy on a firm footing and transport is integral to that.  If we bring HS2 to Scotland it will dramatically cut the Glasgow to London travel time, exactly what we need to boost economic development across the UK and move towards a more sustainable future.’
Neil Bibby MSP

SERA is campaigning for high speed rail and in support of a bold commitment to public transport at the heart of Labour’s future vision. Investing in a modern nationwide low-carbon, high-speed public transport network in place of extra motorways or short-haul aviation is good for the environment, good for our quality of life and good for our economy.
Martin Tiedemann, Co-Chair, SERA – Labour’s environment campaign

‘High-speed rail will create UK jobs and pave the way for a green economy. There are untold opportunities for UK manufacturing and our domestic steel industry that must be realised. Labour must recommit itself to High Speed 2 and this Tory-led government should amend the bill to give Scotland and the North of England the opportunity to benefit from the jobs and growth that will inevitably come.’ 
Joe Mann MBE, deputy general secretary, Community – the Union for Life

‘High-speed rail is the fastest way to a sustainable economic future for the UK economy.’
Richard Angell, deputy director, Progress

‘We feel that HS2 will have significant environmental benefits for the UK as a whole and would play a major role in sustaining economic growth and competitiveness in our region.’ 
Councillor Ken Wyatt J.P., cabinet member, Rotherham MBC

‘We in the Labour Party are very aware that speed of communication and ease of travel will play a huge role in decisions made by industry and commerce as to where they place their operations. Yorkshire needs to be high on any agenda that could bring jobs and prosperity. A high speed rail link with London and the Continent would give considerable benefits to the whole region.’
Cllr John Doyle, Swinton Labour party spokesperson

Constituency Labour Parties:

  • Manchester Central CLP
  • Manchester local government committee
  • Swinton branch, Wentworth & Dearne CLP
  • Vauxhall CLP

If your union branch or CLP wants to show support for the campaign, consider supporting our ‘Labour 4 High Speed 2’ campaign motion.

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