March, 2011

Liberal distractions

Robert Philpot  |  31 March 2011

Three decades since the formation of the SDP, Labour finds itself in a similar corner and risks striking out at the wrong enemy, writes Robert Philpot

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Osborne’s world

Anthony Painter  |  31 March 2011

The budget was just a staging post in George Osborne's long-term plan. As much political as economic, this strategy should compel Labour to re-examine its own past and prepare for the political fight of its life, warns Anthony Painter

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Meting out a scolding

Tom Bage  |  31 March 2011

Ed Miliband announced his nuptials in the Doncaster Free Press yesterday and for 83 seconds at PMQs, harmony reigned. It's fashionable to complain that the Commons is irritable, self-regarding, facile and rude and as in any workplace, that caricature is sometimes true.

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Plan G for growth

Will Straw  |  31 March 2011

The 'growth strategy' in George Osborne's budget amounted to little more than Thatcherite cuts to corporation tax and regulation which are unlikely to work, writes Will Straw

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Cameron’s new weapon: the Portuguese man-o-war

Rob Marchant  |  31 March 2011

We need to watch out for those who would link us with the European left, argues Rob Marchant

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No budget for small business

Philip Ross  |  31 March 2011

It was supposed to be a budget that would deliver growth and lead to prosperity building on the foundations of the earlier ‘tough, necessary' decisions taken by George Osborne in his first budget. The cuts, we were told, were difficult and necessary but would yield results.

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Making it big

Progressives should engage with the ‘big society', putting universality and equity at the heart of our alternative, argue George Howarth and Graham Kendall as their new pamphlet on building a better 'big society' is launched - essential reading for all progressives.

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No damp squib

Teddy Ryan  |  30 March 2011

Today's PMQs was never going to be a damp squib, nor was it to be overshadowed by conversations surrounding the wedding of the year.

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Creating the Good Society

Stephen Beer  |  30 March 2011

David Cameron's 'big society' concept continues to lumber on. A bit like the elusive 'Third Way', it appears to merely describe the actions (or inaction) of the current government.

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News from the NEC

Luke Akehurst  |  30 March 2011

Luke Akehurst brings his report on yesterday's NEC, with news on the rise in candidates standing for Labour in this year's elections, the unlikelihood of the party taking 1,000 council seats, and the Peter Hain review of party reform

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