April, 2011

Our island story

Richard Angell  |  30 April 2011

Labour's early parliamentary selections in the ‘island' seats are a chance to pioneer a new type of politics

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Taking liberties

The Progressive  |  28 April 2011

The royal wedding will bolster the monarchy's popularity once again. But after the bunting is put away, the powers of the institution still need a thorough examination

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Not onto a Winner

Tom Bage  |  28 April 2011

No Progress writer aspires to help the current prime minister, but I'm about to make an exception. In the spirit of bipartisan cooperation I offer up a secret tip which will, at a stroke, improve David Cameron's standing with anyone who encounters him.

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Standing to be counted

Luke Akehurst  |  28 April 2011

Labour has nominated more candidates in the local elections

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Worth not birth

Josephine Channer  |  28 April 2011

Just 22 per cent of councillors come from semi-skilled or unskilled backgrounds. Is the lack of representation in local government a reflection of the lack of social mobility in our society? Through organisations like the LGA, I would like to find ways to improve representation and encourage candidates to come forward from a wider range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Time for a Plan B

Rachel Reeves MP  |  27 April 2011

When GDP fell by 0.5 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2010 the chancellor blamed it on the snow.  Never mind that it snowed in Germany and the US too and that their economies grew by 0.4 and 0.8 per cent respectively, perhaps ours was the wrong kind of snow.  Now we know, following data today, that the economy has flatlined for six months while other economies power ahead. 

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Why Labour people should back AV

Luke Akehurst  |  27 April 2011

I wasn’t going to write about the AV referendum again. For one thing, I don’t think it’s as important as the local, Welsh and Scottish elections happening on the same day.

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A rowdy PMQs

Luke Bozier  |  27 April 2011

Luke Bozier watched this week's battle and saw a gladatorial contest emerge, and a prime minister engage in virtual hand-to-hand combat across the dispatch box with Labour's top married couple.

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FT education results survey should be our rallying cry for change

Pat McFadden MP  |  27 April 2011

The Financial Times education results survey should be our rallying cry for change. We should learn from the London Challenge and reject anything that leads to levelling down, rather than levelling up, of standards.

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Workers’ Memorial Day

Hannah Blythyn  |  27 April 2011

These are a busy times politically and constitutionally, what with local, Scottish and Welsh elections; a referendum on the voting system; and a royal wedding to boot.

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