May, 2011

Reforming Labour

Peter Watt  |  31 May 2011

Understandably there has been a lot of attention in much of the party reform discussion about opening up the party to greater transparency and accountability to members and the public. People want more democracy and to feel that they are being listened to in policy discussions.

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A hospital pass

Kate Green MP  |  31 May 2011

As Andrew Lansley’s ‘pause’ on the health bill draws to a close, concern and anxiety reign in my local NHS. The workings of the health ‘market’ are being starkly exposed, and right now it’s hard to see it’s proving good for patients. Here’s how the story goes. 

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‘Big society’: Have the Tories stolen Labour’s idea?

Ash McGregor  |  31 May 2011

Prior to David Cameron's fourth launch of the ‘big society' in 12 months, and hot on the heels of Ed Miliband's Progress speech which highlighted the need for ‘strengthened communities', we took a timely look at Red Toryism, Blue Labour and their political influence.

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Confessions of a Tesco Clubcard holder

Rachel Burgin  |  31 May 2011

Two questions for Ed Miliband:
1) How much does a tin of Tesco Value Baked Beans cost?
2) (Roughly) how much did a tin of Tesco Value Baked Beans cost in 2001?

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Unbalancing the economy?

Alison McGovern MP  |  28 May 2011

The government say they'll 'rebalance the economy'. It's important that Labour doesn't shirk from discussing what this really means. In 1986, three million people were claiming unemployment assistance from the government. Margaret Thatcher said this in response to ITN's Leonard Parkin:

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Who’s hue in tankworld

Jessica Asato  |  27 May 2011

It's been a year since Labour's defeat in the general election and it looks like the big beasts of progressive wonk world are settling into life in opposition. Nick Pearce at ippr is busy building an impressive empire of Labour's brightest and best.

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Social justice in Egypt

Gary Kent and Eric Lee  |  27 May 2011

The new societies being created in Egypt and the wider region must include strong, independent trade unions, says Kamal Abbas - the founder of Egypt's Centre for Trade Union and Worker Services  - on a recent visit to the UK.

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What now for Labour in Scotland?

Euan McLeod  |  27 May 2011

What could help Scottish Labour out of the funk it has fallen into? Looking to our counterparts across the pond might be part of the answer, as the SNP themselves did after 2003.

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Progress News

  |  27 May 2011

All the latest from Progress and its members

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Gove put to the test

Conor Ryan  |  26 May 2011

Education sat at the heart of the Tories' pre-election public service reform agenda. How have their aspirations survived the coalition's first year in power? Conor Ryan investigates.

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