June, 2011

Built to last

Michael Leahy  |  30 June 2011

Read Michael Leahy's response to John Denham at this week's event 'Built to last: jobs, growth and skills in the next economy'

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In defence of Tesco

The Progressive  |  30 June 2011

Middle-class lefties should pipe down when it comes to supermarkets. Decent, affordable food for all is an old socialist goal to be applauded, not opposed

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Cooperative schooling

Andrew Gwynne MP  |  30 June 2011

Cooperatives Fortnight: I'm a firm advocate of cooperative trust schools, I know that the cooperative movement has done wonders to help push progressive educational values in this country.

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Here we are again

Vera Baird  |  30 June 2011

The coalition's proposals to destroy DNA currently held on the national database will be disastrous for the future of rape convictions. It must reverse the policy as it did on its equally misconceived plans to give anonymity to defendants and to halve sentences for guilty pleas in rape cases.

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Blue Labour and the state

Craig Berry  |  30 June 2011

The blue Labour campaign inspired by Maurice Glasman upholds that the labour movement emerged out of a groundswell of civic action and a desire for self-determination by individuals, families, communities and workforces, whose political horizons were not fixated simply on the state.

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Crowd on the Underground

Security and aspiration

James Valentine  |  29 June 2011

The next generation always does better than the last - or does it? That children can achieve more has been a political axiom as well as a natural parental instinct, underlying the whole of our postwar politics and especially the 13 years of Labour in government.

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Winning back the workers

Deborah Mattinson  |  29 June 2011

Seven in 10 Britons consider themselves middle class. But what does new research reveal about working-class Britain?

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Cameron answers question shock

Adam Harrison  |  29 June 2011

David Cameron made a pun and even answered a question at today's bout, but was still dodged questions on hard figures concerning the NHS and the sputtering 'bonfire of the quangos'

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Britain’s housing crisis is a set of linked crises

Old Politics  |  29 June 2011

Britain's complex and long-running housing crisis underlies anxiety about many other issues - fears for the economy, jobs, and much of the immigration debate are bound up with our relationship to our homes. We have fretted that house prices were too high, then fretted that they were falling

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Into the red

Luke Akehurst  |  29 June 2011

The rise and fall of ResPublica is the story of how David Cameron postured to the centre in opposition before moving back to the right in power

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