November, 2011

Time to take responsibility

Rachel Reeves MP  |  30 November 2011

Yesterday we learnt that the Tory-led government’s reckless economic plan has failed. The government will borrow a staggering £158 billion more than they planned a year ago. Borrowing is up because the economy has stalled, unemployment is set to increase further while inflation is hitting families and businesses. As the economy flatlined, the chancellor blamed …

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PMQs to the backdrop of #N30

Anthony Parker  |  30 November 2011

On the day when two million public sector workers downed tools across the nation in the largest action in a generation, this PMQs was expected to be a lively encounter and by Jove, it didn’t disappoint! Who won? The champion without doubt was Ed Miliband with his merciless and cunning use of strikes against Cameron, …

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The big picture revealed

Luke Akehurst  |  30 November 2011

There are some weeks when the coincidence of political events means anyone watching the news can’t avoid seeing the big strategic picture of what is happening to society, who is causing it, and what the choices are facing the country. This week is one of those weeks. Tuesday’s Autumn Statement will have blown a huge …

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Avoiding another 1992

Stephen Beer  |  30 November 2011

The chancellor’s Autumn Statement contained an assortment of measures aimed at boosting growth. However, the independent Office for Budget Responsibility does not believe they will have a significant effect. The OBR’s forecasts for the economy and for the UK’s public finances make grim reading. On these projections, austerity will still be under way after the …

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We must tackle the trade deficit

Allen Simpson  |  30 November 2011

You have to assume that Osborne was gripped by a cold, clammy sweat when he stood to deliver his Autumn Statement yesterday, but as ever there are two types of bad news – political bad news, and real bad news. This was the former. There was nothing in the OBR’s revised economic forecasting that moved …

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Big fix

Melanie Smallman  |  30 November 2011

The energy industry has become too much of a cartel. It is time to break it up This winter more than four million households in the UK will face fuel poverty, as average annual fuel bills rise to £1,345. Coming on top of salary freezes and soaring transport costs, most of us will pay an …

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The true value of a plan

Alex Burrows  |  30 November 2011

The publication of an updated National Infrastructure Plan with the chancellor’s Autumn Statement is a welcome appearance. There is pretty much consensus over the absolutely crucial value of significant investment in the country’s infrastructure – transport, communications, energy, waste and environmental that together provide the physical manifestation of stuff – the stuff that we all, …

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Rolling back the franchise

Siobhain McDonagh MP  |  29 November 2011

Individual voter registration could signal a slow devastation of our democracy On election day in 2010, I was knocking up in Figges Marsh in my constituency in south London when I came across a group of teenage boys. Egged on by his mates, one of them shouted over ‘Don’t worry, you don’t need to knock …

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Purple pledges

Progress  |  29 November 2011

The Purple Book urges Labour to ‘rediscover its decentralist tradition’. But what might that mean? Progress profiles the book’s top five priorities Universal child and elderly care As Sweden and Denmark show, the provision of universal, high-quality childcare helps promote higher employment levels among women. This, in turn, is crucial to supporting the long-term sustainability …

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It’s the 1970s, stupid

Denis MacShane MP  |  29 November 2011

As ‘Double-Dip’ George prepares for his U-turn and, in the words of Mary Riddell, announces a splurge of spending, there is an uncanny sense that we are reliving the 1970s. After the 25 years of mixed economy, state-owned, welfare state society that was put in place in 1945, the 1970s was an era of transition …

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