January, 2012

The new centre-ground

Progress  |  31 January 2012

Progress today launches The new centre-ground: how can progressives win a new majority?, a major new publication on the future of progressive politics in Britain by the chair of Labour’s policy review, Liam Byrne MP. The pamphlet will be debated at an event at 6pm in Westminster this evening addressed by Liam Byrne; YouGov’s Peter …

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Five notes on Cameron’s EU-turn

Denis MacShane MP  |  31 January 2012

1) David Cameron’s acceptance in Brussels yesterday that Britain would place no obstacles in the next stage of European development is the biggest U-turn by a British prime minister in the decades-long tortuous history of the UK’s relationship with Europe. Six weeks ago Cameron came back to cheers from Eurosceptic MPs and press as he …

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Time for Labour to get real

John Mann MP  |  31 January 2012

The biggest fault line in the Labour party the last decade has been the obsession that our leaders have had with life in London. From London orientated health reform, to London school dominance, to a love of the City of London and now a London-centric welfare debate. I could not afford the housing prices of …

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Putting the red back into Redhill

Rhys Williams  |  30 January 2012

It will come as no great surprise to many that the town of Redhill, a conurbation of 60,000 people located in deepest Surrey and connected to the stockbroker town of Reigate, has no elected Labour councillors at present. Certainly if parliamentary election results are anything to go by – after all, the people of Surrey …

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Keep centre

Liam Byrne MP  |  30 January 2012

Labour needs to find a new way back to a new centre-ground, argues Liam Byrne In the 1990s, progressives learned an important lesson about how to win elections: we built wide coalitions; we held firm to traditional values; but we freed the political mind for new solutions, new methods, new ways of doing business. We …

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Labour’s Holy Grail

The Progressive  |  30 January 2012

If we do discover ‘the new centre-ground’ it will likely be no bountiful El Dorado but an inhospitable terrain hostile to old-style leftwing politics In The Hero With A Thousand Faces, published in 1949, Joseph Campbell argues that most stories, legends, and folklore, in every language and culture, can be boiled down to a ‘monomyth’, …

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Better homes in stronger neighbourhoods

Jeremy Killingray  |  30 January 2012

In The Purple Book Caroline Flint makes a number of policy suggestions as to how Labour’s housing policies in 2015 and beyond could help reconnect with voters. Policy ideas around promoting greater shared ownership, mutual ownership, rewarding private landlords who manage their properties to a high standard and intergenerational equity transfer to encourage home ownership …

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Holocaust Memorial Day

Denis MacShane MP  |  27 January 2012

Holocaust Memorial Day is a moment to reflect on a unique evil. Man’s inhumanity to man is known throughout history. But never before have the entire resources of a people and a state been placed at the service of  the extermination a people whose condition was unalterable: the racist ideology of the far-right that grew …

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Once more, with taxes

Hopi Sen  |  27 January 2012

As one of the authors of ‘In the black’ Labour,  I approached the publication of ‘White Flag’ Labour by Compass with an enjoyable sense of anticipation. There is something exhilarating about being excoriated, especially when the critic is someone as highly regarded as Howard Reed. Sadly, I was disappointed by the paper. Far from being …

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Doing nothing is not an option

Liz Kendall MP  |  27 January 2012

Speech to North-West Carer Network Conference 25 January 2012 – by Liz Kendall MP, shadow minister for care and older people It’s a real pleasure to be here today. This is my first speech as the shadow minister for care and older people, and I couldn’t think of a better conference, a better audience, or …

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