July, 2012

Hunting for giants

Stephen Bush  |  31 July 2012

If you have ever attempted to buy anything online, or to log out of a particularly outdated version of Microsoft Windows, then you will know that ‘Are you sure?’ is a question unlikely to elicit any response other than an exasperated ‘Of course I’m sure!’ That, as much as his other weaknesses, made Ken Livingstone …

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The Olympic catalyst

Guy Nicholson  |  31 July 2012

As Friday night’s extraordinary opening ceremony for the 30th Olympiad unfolded it drew a line beneath the first chapter of an equally extraordinary ten year journey for Hackney and east London. It also definitively opened the next. In what seems like the blink of an eye, ten years of talking legacy alongside delivering the Games, …

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Schools for sale?

Martin Johnson  |  31 July 2012

Michael Gove claims he is not an ideologue. He certainly surrounds himself with ideologues, many of whom are very interested in making lots of money for themselves or others. A quick look at what he says, and doesn’t say, explains why educationists are getting concerned about a link between the academies policy and a possible …

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Best value

Mark Rusling  |  30 July 2012

Oppositions rarely get a hearing for their policies, unless they are particularly mad or bad. People remember Michael Foot’s pledges on unilateral nuclear disarmament and nationalising swaths of the economy, but the Labour policies of 1994-7 are largely forgotten. What lingers is Clause IV – not for the policy itself, more for what it said …

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Supporting the post-riots high street

Claire Hickson  |  30 July 2012

Almost one year on from the riots, Southwark’s Labour council is launching a £1m Community Restoration Fund which is using innovation and investment to create positive opportunities for young people and local businesses in those areas that were worst affected. The whole of our borough felt the shock of the disturbances last August, Walworth and …

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Helping NEETs

Ayub Khan  |  30 July 2012

The latest youth unemployment figures of one million paint a very depressing but very clear picture that after so much investment we still have persistent NEET and intergenerational disadvantage. To deal with this issue we need to move away from the belief that tackling this is the operational preserve of public sector agencies. As a …

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Olympic legacy and community resilience

Robin Wales  |  27 July 2012

Tonight, Newham in east London will welcome the world to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Billions of people will watch Danny Boyle’s vision light up this corner of the capital as we celebrate everything that is good about modern Britain. I wish all the members of Team GB the very best. However, as …

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Apprenticeships in Whitehall

Andrew Adonis  |  27 July 2012

The Right Hon Lord Adonis The Right Hon David Cameron MP Prime Minister 10 Downing Street, SW1                                                                26 July 2012 APPRENTICESHIPS IN WHITEHALL I wonder if you might consider a suggestion to set up, as a matter of urgency, a pan-Whitehall “government administration” apprenticeship scheme  for 16 and 18 year-old school leavers? I set out …

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Investing in sporting success

Gerry Sutcliffe MP  |  27 July 2012

Bradley Wiggins’ recent success in becoming the first British rider to win the Tour de France must rank as one of the greatest sporting achievements by a British athlete; the success of Team Sky Pro Cycling one of the greatest sporting achievements by a British team. It follows on from British cycling’s phenomenal success in …

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60 years of progress in six

Tessa Jowell  |  27 July 2012

The decision to support a bid for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was the most important and the best decision I took as a secretary of state. After 10 years of preoccupation, planning and worrying – we are here, 27 July 2012. Nothing could overrun, and it hasn’t. It all had to be ready …

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