August, 2012

Prepare for the punches

Hopi Sen  |  31 August 2012

How might the Tories lift themselves from their current doldrums? Hopi Sen previews the coming assault on Labour The Conservative party is in the grip of a summer of discontent. Backbenchers mutter. Tory commentators say David Cameron’s leadership is at risk. Ben Brogan writes in the Telegraph that ‘defeat looks certain’. Gulp. Yet just last …

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From nation-building to location-building

Mark Rusling  |  31 August 2012

Over the summer, there has been a lot of interest in Ed Miliband’s new ‘guru’, the Australian academic Tim Soutphommasane. Although he didn’t quite knock Jess, Mo and Bradley off the news bulletins, Soutphommasane’s ideas deserve a wide hearing. He pushes the value of positive, progressive, patriotism (an issue close to my heart) and the …

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The role of strategy board members

David Green  |  31 August 2012

Progress’ new strategy board means that for the first time members can have a voice in the decisions which direct the organisation’s – and, by extension, the Labour party’s – future direction. This is an incredible opportunity, at a time when Progress is enjoying both unprecedented success in membership numbers and influence, and also facing …

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It’s time to care about the countryside

Jonathan Roberts  |  31 August 2012

Being born and raised in the countryside, it could be said that I wasn’t born into Labour, I chose it. When it comes to rural matters, Labour finds itself in a vicious circle. People in the countryside don’t vote Labour because they don’t think Labour cares about them. But Labour doesn’t behave like it cares …

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Backing young councillors

Rowan Draper  |  31 August 2012

Under-represented groups have already been a focus in this election as candidates have offered members a view on how they would approach involving more women in Progress but we mustn’t forget that they are not the only under-represented groups within our party. Young councillors are not represented at any level in the Labour party. There …

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Suburban swingers

Joan Ryan MP  |  30 August 2012

As Philip Gould put it, the suburbs are not ‘places with great political traditions and dramatic folklore’. Most people who live in the suburbs aren’t interested in politics in the way most Westminster insiders would understand it. What they care about is what politics means for them, their family and their community. In 1997 we …

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A Progressive Women’s Network

Mandy Telford  |  30 August 2012

When you join the Labour party, you know you’re not going to agree with every other party member about everything. I like a tough debate where people say what they mean – if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have survived as a Labour president of NUS in the early noughties or as an adviser to Tessa …

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The free schools debacle

Ralph Berry  |  30 August 2012

The manner in which Michael  Gove and his apparatchiks operate is clearly beginning to unravel – the attention paid to his pet free school programme is clearly distracting the machine of state from the twin problems of a looming buildings crisis and of a real risk of councils being unable to find places for children. …

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A new guru in town?

The Insider  |  30 August 2012

Is it a case of step aside Maurice Glasman, there’s a new guru in town? The big Labour summer hit is the rise of the Australian philosopher-politico Tim Soutphommasane, who is being feted by the the party leadership for his suggestion that Labour should create a liberal-left national story of progressive patriotism. Sadly, the ‘guru’ …

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When trial by jury is a crime

Dan McCurry  |  30 August 2012

It does seem strange, that in this modern day, we continue to put twelve lay persons in such a position of vulnerability, by placing them directly in the path of powerful, wealthy, violent criminals. From the gangster’s point of view, it’s as if we make them a challenge, by presenting them with a jury. It’s …

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