September, 2012

Progress rally speech – Stephen Twigg

Stephen Twigg MP  |  30 September 2012

Thank you to Progress To Rob Philpot, Richard Angell, Matthew Faulding, Simon Jeffrey, Adam Harrison and Alex White for putting on an excellent line-up of events at conference Congratulations to the new strategy board members It’s great to see Progress going from strength to strength History is weighted against our task As Lewis Baston points …

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Path to power

Peter Kellner  |  30 September 2012

The next election may be like no other in recent decades. Peter Kellner outlines how Labour can win it. All Ed Miliband must do to become prime minister is answer three questions correctly. First, what are Britain’s biggest problems? Second, how can they be solved? And, finally, how can he show that he has what it …

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Get organised – the prize is worth the struggle

Mathew Lawrence  |  30 September 2012

Joe Hill, the Swedish-American trade unionist, wrote a last letter to his fellow members shortly before he faced the firing squad in Utah in 1915.  What Joe Hill told his supporters contains a truth still relevant for us today when confronting the coalition’s failing deficit strategy, its hollowing out of Britain’s remaining social-democratic settlement and …

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Going south

Caroline Flint MP  |  30 September 2012

Britain as a whole is becoming more like the south. Labour needs to understand the challenge this presents to it, argues Caroline Flint. In October 1992, in the wake of Labour’s fourth successive election defeat, Giles Radice identified the problem of ‘southern discomfort’ and argued that the party could not win without doing better in …

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A new deal for teachers

Andrew Adonis  |  30 September 2012

The quest to transform education is not yet over, says Andrew Adonis My new book Education, Education, Education describes Labour’s achievements – academies, Teach First, sure start, the literacy and numeracy strategies, the City Challenge programmes, Building Schools for the Future, more and better teachers, the doubling of education spending. All this transformed standards, eradicated …

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We’ve been here before

Paul Richards  |  29 September 2012

The greatest challenge for Labour, gathering today in Manchester, is to explain what it is for. The greatest temptation will be to shout about what it is against. It will be easy for Labour to spend the next four days in a near-religious ferment of indignation, railing against the wickedness of the Tories. Every speech …

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Five questions conference delegates should be asking

Stephen Beer  |  29 September 2012

This year’s Labour conference occurs amidst more anxiety in markets about debt and with the UK economy showing few signs of growth.  Labour is ahead in the opinion polls but still not scoring well as far as its economic reputation is concerned.  Here are some questions Labour Party delegates and members should be asking in …

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The Ed-and-Ed show

The Insider  |  29 September 2012

So, to party conference. What will we learn in Manchester? It will be a test of how ready Labour is for our friends in the press. Opposition is strange that way: you spend 51 weeks of the year desperate to scrabble your way onto the news agenda. The other week you get so much attention …

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The Mitt Romney of the North East

Phil Wilson MP  |  29 September 2012

The Conservative MP for Stockton South writes on  Conservative Home that the North East is a ‘political construct’ and a left-wing label.  Wasn’t it David Cameron who said the North East of England would be disproportionately hit by cuts? Even the Conservative party leader knows the North East exists even though the MP for Stockton …

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Out of the seminar and into suburbia

The Progressive  |  29 September 2012

Ed Miliband has to start planning for what a Labour government in impecunious times would actually do The cancer of discord is now rampant within the coalition. It eats away at ministers’ capacity to act; it erodes by inches public support. It is an obvious truth of politics that divided parties do not win elections. …

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