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Progress at Labour party conference 2012

September 30

Progress Rally
Comedy Store, Manchester, 6pm | Douglas Alexander MP, Andrew Adonis, Hilary Benn MP , Ben Bradshaw MP, Michael Cashman MEP, Caroline Flint MP, Jane Kennedy, Tessa Jowell MP, Marvin Rees, Stephen Twigg MP, Chuka Umunna MP.
Chair: Simon Fanshawe

Progress Reception (Invitation only)
Comedy Store, Manchester, 7.30pm | Chuka Umunna MP, Chris Leslie MP.
Chair: John Woodcock MP
In association with the BVCA

October 1

Local government under pressure: Adapt to survive? (Invitation only)
PwC Manchester, 8am | Margaret Hodge MP, Sir Albert Bore, leader, Birmingham city council, Andy Ford, PwC.
Chair: Cllr Patrick Diamond
In association with PwC

The doorstep challenge: How can Labour talk about immigration?
Peter House, Manchester, 12.45pm | Chris Bryant MP, Polly Billington, PPC for Thurrock, Peter Kellner, YouGov, Jane Thomas, former PPC for Keighley.
Chair: Andy Crane, BBC Radio Manchester
In association with British Future

From opposition to opportunity: How can Labour develop good policy for government?
Peter House, Manchester, 6pm | Stewart Wood, Andy Burnham MP, Catherine Haddon, Institute for Government, James Purnell.
Chair: Peter Riddell, Institute for Government.
In association with the Institute for Government

Social partnerships: Can business and trade unions create a new capitalism?
Peter House, Manchester, 7.30pm | Ian Murray MP, Nita Clarke, the IPA, Manuel Cortes, TSSA.
Chair: Sue Ferns, Unions21
In association with the IPA and Unions21

October 2

How can Labour focus on the skills agenda to develop both growth and social mobility? (Invitation only)
Peter House, Manchester, 8am | Andrew Adonis, Shabana Mahmood MP, Martin Bean, The Open University.
Chair: Mary Riddell, Daily Telegraph. In association with The Open University

Progress Question Time
Peter House, Manchester, 6pm | Margaret Curran MP, Ivan Lewis MP, Phil Collins, the Times, Michael Leahy, Community the Union.
Chair: Lorna Fitzsimons

Rights and responsibilities: Is it time for football fans to take a seat at the table?
Peter House, Manchester, 6pm | Tom Greatrex MP, David Lampitt, Supporters Direct.
Chair: Alison McGovern MP
In association with Supporters Direct


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